John and carolyn bessette kennedy

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john and carolyn bessette kennedy

The Other Man: John F. Kennedy Jr., Carolyn Bessette, and Me by Michael Bergin

The international supermodel and actor details his rise to fame in the fashion world and reveals for the first time the truth about his stormy, passionate, and now famous relationship with Carolyn Bessette.

This is the story of a small–town kid who moved to the big city, fell in love with a beautiful, mysterious woman, and found himself in competition with the most eligible bachelor in the world, John F. Kennedy Jr.

Now, for the first time, Michael Bergin reveals the truth behind a life lived in the limelight and a relationship shrouded in secrecy. From his early days growing up in a small blue–collar Connecticut town, to his meteoric rise as fashion icon and television star, to the passion he shared with the enigmatic and complex Carolyn Bessette, this is an inside look at the world of beauty, power, and celebrity.

In 1992, Michael and Carolyn met in a bar in New York City. She was unlike any woman he had ever known–sophisticated, successful, with bewitching charm and grace. An intensely passionate relationship was born. Not long after, Michael landed the coveted Calvin Klein underwear campaign, and his career took off. The future looked bright, and Carolyn and Michael seemed destined for a long and happy life together.

But it was not to be. Four years later Michael was an international fashion icon and Carolyn was Mrs. John F. Kennedy Jr.–however, the story doesnt end there. This is the truth about their lives, a tale full of warmth, humour, heartbreak, and tragedy.

Above all, The Other Man is a testament to the enduring power of love and a story about the painful choices we make with our all–too–human hearts.
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It has been 20 years since John F. Kennedy Jr.
Michael Bergin

The Truth Behind John F. Kennedy Jr And Carolyn Bessette’s Troubled Marriage

When John F. Kennedy Jr. His face was on the cover of magazines and he and Carolyn were regularly hounded by photographers , but his social circle was small, and his close associates knew him intimately. One such confidant was Carole Radziwill. Today, she published an essay in the Daily Mail about her friendship with the first son and his wife, to mark the 20th anniversary of their deaths. They were all close to me. At the time, my lifeline," she writes.

Carolyn Jeanne Bessette-Kennedy (January 7, – July 16, ) was a publicist for Calvin Klein and the wife of John F. Kennedy Jr. After her marriage.
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To the outside world, Carolyn Bessette's relationship with John F. Kennedy Jr. After all, she married into the closest thing America has to a royal family. But Carolyn and John had their ups and downs just like any other couple, maybe even more so. We were sharing a summer house, Anthony and I and John, and he brought her for memorial day weekend. They had been seeing each other for a few months super on the DL [down low].

Carolyn Bessette didn't say yes when John F. Kennedy Jr. Kennedy 's widow, and the Kennedy men, with their touch football games and clambakes, were ripped from a Ralph Lauren ad. She wasn't exactly culturally adrift, having been born in White Plains, N. And on the beach of Hyannis Port, Carolyn witnessed John being a cog in the Kennedy machine, rather than the dashing man about town he was in New York. Independent and confident on her own, being around the Kennedys made the 5'10" beauty feel small and insecure. Amal Clooney's Jackie O Style.

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