Most girls are smart and strong and beautiful

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most girls are smart and strong and beautiful

In Defense of the Princess: How Plastic Tiaras and Fairytale Dreams Can Inspire Smart, Strong Women by Jerramy Fine

Its no secret that most girls, at some point, love all things princess: the poofy dresses, the plastic tiaras, the color pink. Even grown-up women cant get enough of royal weddings and royal gossip. Yet critics claim the princess dream sets little girls up to be weak and submissive, and allows grown women to indulge in fantasies of rescue rather than hard work and self-reliance.
Enter Jerramy Fine โ€“ an unabashed feminist who is proud of her life-long princess obsession and more than happy to defend it. Through her amusing life story and in-depth research, Fine makes it clear that feminine doesnt mean weak, pink doesnt mean inferior, and girliness is not incompatible with ambition. From 9th century Cinderella to modern-day Frozen, from Princess Diana to Kate Middleton, from Wonder Woman to Princess Leia, Fine valiantly assures us that princesses have always been about power, not passivity. And those who love them can still be confident, intelligent women.
Provocative, insightful, but also witty and personal, In Defense of the Princess empowers girls, women, and parents to dream of happily ever after without any guilt or shame.
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Published 18.12.2018

Hailee Steinfeld - Love Myself

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

We are so blessed to have two girls in our lives. But the truth is, more than ever, I love being their mom because they inspire the feminist in me and I feel it my privilege and responsibility to raise them strong, smart and fearless, to believe in themselves and in gender equality. Ever since Bean was born, I have been determined to raise her in an environment free of gender biases and stereotypes, to let her grow with limitless choice of who she wants to be. Just think about the first thing they wear in the hospital - a pink or blue onesie and blanket depending a girl or boy! Back to my girls.

Mothers around the world all want the same thing for their childrenโ€”safety, health and a bright future. For refugee mothers who have fled conflict, the wellbeing of their children is uncertainโ€”but they bravely fight for it, every single day. The International Rescue Committee, during a series of interviews, asked Syrian mothers who have sought refuge in Jordan how, in tough circumstances, they are managing to raise their daughters to be strong, hopeful and resilient young women. If she gets something in her head, she will do it. Ola wants other refugee mothers to know that strength is key to survival and wishes that all children, including her own, have the opportunity to continue their education. Olga regularly visits an IRC center for women and girls.

Her new single "Most Girls" is out now. "Most girls are smart and strong and beautiful / Most girls work hard, go far, we are unstoppable / Most.
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Brainy is beautiful.

Here are 10 pieces of advice that are sure to get you ready to crank up " Stupid Girls " by P! If you go home with someone and they don't have books, don't fuck them. I say if I'm beautiful.

Hailee Steinfeld blessed the world Friday morning with another empowering single in the same vein as her debut single " Love Myself ," but this time she's out with a liberating anthem that speaks to women from all walks of life. As Haiz stans continue to familiarize themselves with the surefire bop and search lyrics for maximum singalong confidence, some people are scratching their heads at the line, "Some girls, every day searching, keep the big. No, that's not the lyric! That is not what it sounds like, is it? I got to go back, I got to change it! She added, "It's totally 'keep the page turning! I need people to understand me!



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  1. For years, my single friends and I consoled one another after breakups or blow-offs by employing reductive reasoning, repeating a misinformed, yet token girl power refrain: "He's probably just intimidated by you -- you're strong, smart and successful -- and that scares him.

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