Why did scott and todd break up

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why did scott and todd break up

After Quotes by Anna Todd

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Published 18.12.2018

A Conversation With Toddy Smith About His Relationship With Corinna Kopf & Creativity


There were three offers that I was serious about, three inquires that made sense. I narrowed it down to two. Dan was a part of the decision but you have to remember I worked for Don Boloukous, who is the cluster manager there. We sealed the deal when I was in between rounds of golf in Florida in the last couple of weeks in February. How has it been adapting to a different company, station, format and audience after 22 years at WPLJ? You just entertain and play hit songs. They are so good at generating stories about nothing, just so they can attach their names to it, and I just got really sick of talking about this Kardashian and that Kardashian.

February 07, Story By: G. I'm also very excited about the opportunity ahead with a very talented group of people that I know our listeners are going to love," Pettengill said. His talents, intelligence and encyclopedia-knowledge of music is just off the charts. WPLJ has been going through their own internal battles for quite some time now; losing key personnel like Tom Cuddy and Teresa Angela; shifting owners to Cap Cities and now, Cumulus; and, really dismantling some great concepts like live shows from the late-great China Club. And, their ratings have gone south … way south. The new doctrine has been cut-back everything

Thanks again for your patience and your kind wishes on her recovery! Gambling and Harry Harrison into retirement. That means more disruption to existing local morning shows: in Harrisburg, for instance, Chachi Angelo and Jenna Clay lose their morning show, with Chachi moving to afternoons and Jenna doing local news and weather inserts during the Garner show. If the listener Facebook comments in Harrisburg are any indication, Cumulus has a struggle ahead of it. Because nationally syndicated shows suck they have no personality or care for the community they are playing for.

Anytime there is a change in a morning show, there are lots of ripples. But the changes needed to retain as much of the existing cume as possibl --and build on it with a new audience. All Access caught up with Todd, new leader of the revamped WPLJ morning show, rebranded The Todd Show , for some insight into how he and his team would handle the transition and build a new morning franchise.
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Todd Pettengill

Many of you took time to comment on the story here and send notes to the experts we quoted. Take a look at the comments that follow the story. There are no plans for an LMA before that and Cumulus is planning a special tribute as the station approaches its final days on-air. That will bring to an end a long and, at one time, very successful New York City radio brands. WPLJ launched back in and enjoyed decades of success. What went wrong? We asked all three how a station so successful can fall so hard?

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  1. "This won't be the 'Morning Zoo' or 'Scott & Todd. weatherman Mr. G and traffic reporter Joe Nolan, who was the traffic reporter for Shannon and Todd Pettengill on WPLJ before what Shannon calls an "unfortunate" breakup.

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