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dannii minogue home and away

Dannii: My Story by Dannii Minogue

How a tomboy who hated her name and wanted to be called Danny and pretended to be Greases Rizzo grew up to become known as Dannii.

She takes us through her younger years when she and her family moved quite regularly [her parents would make extra income by buying run-down houses, restoring them and selling them on for profit] and how her chosen after-school activity of singing and dancing lessons lead to her being a finalist in the talent-search section on TV show Young Talent Time. She didnt win but the producers remembered her and she got a regular part on the show... From there we go between acting, record deals, launching clothing lines, theatre, hosting various childrens TV programmes, The Big Breakfast, a tour, Australias Got Talent and The X Factor - In short her whole 32 year career.

In addition to following her career we also get a peak into her usually off-limits personal life; Her short-lived marriage, being left in debt, her called-off engagement, her inspirations and motivations for her varied charity work, how it felt watching her sister battle cancer, her best friend losing her cancer battle, that lesbian orgy, being on the receiving end of Sharon Osbournes misplaced fury and becoming a mother.

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One problem I have with autobiographies in general is how the author nearly aways feel the need to over share details [Jordan Im looking at you], it really affects the way you view someone after hearing their tales of debortuary. So I was in two minds about getting this; On one hand Ive grown up reading gossip about Dannii from my early Big and Smash Hits days, through to todays Cosmopolitan, so I was interested in reading the real stories behind the rumours, but on the other hand its hard to know where to draw the line and keep your dignity intact in autobiographies.

What impressed me the most was the lack of bitchiness; Remember Kelly Osbourne yelling over a book full of lies about Sharon? Sharon gets a total of one chapter and Dannii only details one incident - and that incident happens to have multiple witnesses. She even looks back fondly on her ex husband [Nip/Tucks Julian McMahon] despite a bitchy mother in-law, her suspicions and being left in huge debt after supporting his dreams and being left with nothing.

Dannii has found the perfect balance between honesty and TMI: so if youre looking for sensationalism, cattiness and naming-and-shaming you can skip this. She doesnt dance around things share any blame, and make excuses for things like so many other celebrities do; for instance some of her albums and singles werent misunderstood or released at the wrong time, nor did she and her two earlier records labels part company in order to pursue fresh challenges. The singles simply underperformed, shell happily tell you that some albums flopped with resulted in the record companies terminating her contract.

She also shares many personal and/or humorous stories throughout the book that were new to me, such as when she toured across America in the early nineties without her manager present; A 17 year old Dannii found herself singing in village halls and such, and not being paid whilst the people in charge drank $1350 bottles of Cristal and the tour manager collected huge piles of money.

A little niggle that I have is that she doesnt go into too much detail about her TV work during her earlier years - I assume this is due to a combination of faded memories, her family, friends and colleagues privacy and the simple fact that most of the readers are more interested in the music, her ex husband, Kylies cancer and The X Factor.

Also; There are a few points where shell start to talk about one thing, but itll remind her of something else so shell veer off. It does make it seem as though you are actually having a gossip with her, but it is a bit distracting.

Final word of warning; If youre thinking of buying this for information about Kylie youll be disappointed; She was rarely in the same country as Dannii during their younger years and Dannii doesnt discuss personal stuff relating to her cancer.

** There are two colour photo sections; There first contains Dannii as a child, teen and has a wedding party picture. The second second focuses on her closest friends and Kris [current partner]. Each of the 32 chapters also has a black and white picture as a divider. Most of these are publicity shots, ranging from her teens to now **
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Dannii Minogue as Emma Jackson 1990

She made her first screen appearance during the episode broadcast on 22 September She departed on 22 August
Dannii Minogue

Emma Jackson

Ailsa had no idea that her sister even had a child until a Docs worker turned up on her doorstep with the news that her niece, 17 year old Emma had been charged with assault on her stepfather and could either stay with Ailsa or go to a remand centre. Emma continued her rude insolence but did impress Ailsa by ringing around for a job. Emma asked for a job anyway and Bobby had no choice but to give her one or upset Ailsa. Emma though proved to be a lazy employee and was threatened by Bobby with the sack but Emma replied that giving her the sack would be doing her a favour. Emma further infuriated Celia by accusing her of watching over her like she was going to steal something and using bad language.

Emma Jackson is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by Dannii Minogue. She made her first screen appearance during.
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From an early age Danielle was known as "Dannii". Dannii had an older sister Kylie Minogue and a brother Brendan Minogue. Dannii made her acting debut in in The Sullivans. She then appeared in Skyways and Young Talent Time. Dannii joined the cast of Home And Away in as the troubled teen Emma Jackson, who dressed in punk clothing. Dannii initially applied for the role of Marilyn Chambers but her manager Terry Blamey managed to get her a part in the show as Emma Jackson. Dannii played the role for less than a year as she left in mid to concentrate on her singing career.


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  1. She's the multi-talent who first made a name for herself playing rebellious teenager Emma Jackson on Home And Away.

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