Do beauty and brain go together

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do beauty and brain go together

Brains Quotes (140 quotes)

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Published 18.12.2018

How your brain decides what is beautiful - Anjan Chatterjee

Do beauty and brains go together?

Brains are better than beauty essay Beauty or Brain - who can rule the world? Inner beauty vs outer beauty essay think that physical beauty is given by god and we can't change it. Essay o but now a days, people don't care and give value to inner beauty of a person. Obesity case study. Adrienne rich poetry essay then yes too if there is brain then beauty will come along with it.

Beauty and Brains are the two things that command this world, will someone disagree. Both beauty &brains grab same importance, Brains have.
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Beauty or Brain - who can rule the world?

The world has been updating every day, both beauty and brains do the same. - Beauty is not just one word, it is more than a word. It can be physical, moral or materialistic or just a nice personality.

However, many of us have come across girls who are beautiful, but not intelligent. On the other hand, the girls who are not beautiful try their best to do good in academics and make a career of their own rather than relying on some man to take care of them for entire life. Girls who are not beautiful also fear that no wealthy man will show interest in them, which becomes a kind of motivation for them to find their own niche as far as financial security is concerned. As a result, they become ambitious and turn out to be more intelligent than girls who are beautiful and less worried about their future. So, beautiful girls limit their knowledge mostly to makeup kits, couture, latest fashion trends, music, and movies. On the contrary, girls who are not blessed with beauty spend their time in constructive and productive activities, and they later reap the fruits of their choices by getting the most coveted jobs or positions or even becoming entrepreneurs.

Lucie Safarova is no match for Ana Ivanovic in the beauty department. I can nonetheless readily concede that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. But when it comes to playing intelligent tennis with verve, she leaves Ana far behind. T hat ability served her well as she reached the final of the French Open final a little while ago with a straight-set win over Ana. The player with stunning looks started well, racing to a lead in the first set, but fumbled thereafter to lose rather tamely. Another player from the past is Anna Kournikova, known more for her good looks than her tennis prowess. I will still not fully agree with the common notion that beauty and brains do not go together.

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  1. There is a famous saying in Hindi, “jo dikhta hai, wo bikta hai”, literally meaning, ' good looks have great value'. In today's era, its good looks and beauty that.

  2. Beauty and brains do not have any relation to each other. However, beauty and brains sometimes go together but that does not mean that a person without any.

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