Does ben and jerrys support any causes or charity

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does ben and jerrys support any causes or charity

Ice Cream Social: The Struggle for the Soul of Ben & Jerrys by Brad Edmondson

Ben & Jerry’s has always been committed to an insanely ambitious three-part mission: making the world’s best ice cream, supporting progressive causes, and sharing the company’s success with all stakeholders: employees, suppliers, distributors, customers, cows, everybody. But it hasn’t been easy.

This is the first book to tell the full, inside story of the inspiring rise, tragic mistakes, devastating fall, determined recovery, and ongoing renewal of one of the most iconic mission-driven companies in the world. No previous book has focused so intently on the challenges presented by staying true to that mission. No other book has explained how the company came to be sold to corporate giant Unilever or how that relationship evolved to allow Ben & Jerry’s to pursue its mission on a much larger stage.

Journalist Brad Edmondson tells the story with an eye for details, dramatic moments, and memorable characters. He interviewed dozens of key figures, particularly Jeff Furman, who helped Ben and Jerry write their first business plan in 1978 and became chairman of the board in 2010. It’s a funny, sad, surprising, and ultimately hopeful story.
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15 Things You Didn't Know About BEN & JERRY'S

9 Reasons To Love Ben & Jerry's That Have Nothing To Do With Ice Cream

A few months ago, when I was finishing up the research for my book about the company , I heard a young woman thank co-founder Jerry Greenfield for helping her get over the end of a love affair. It gets you through the night, she said. Anything that delivers a concentrated dose of fat and sugar directly to the pleasure centers of the brain has a big advantage over tyres, insurance, and other less craveable products. The company says it has spent the last 30 years making " the best possible ice cream in the nicest way possible ," and their customers love them for it. The second part is making unusually delicious ice cream, and they succeed at this for an unusual reason.

Ben & Jerry's created a foundation in to support philanthropy that matter most to us is how we conduct our business every single day.
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We are committed to supporting non-violent, thoughtful and strategic approaches that are utilizing grassroots organizing strategies to work for social change. The outcome? The Foundation redesigns the grantmaking process to include employees directly in grant decisions. In the company was acquired by Unilever , a global company with over brands. Vermont Capacity Building Grant Program launched. Rural Vermont is the first recipient of this multi-year grant.

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  1. Ben & Jerry’s employees are committed to doing good and making grants in their local communities. The Ben & Jerry’s Foundation funds the Vermont Community Action Team (CAT) grant program, which was created to allow Ben & Jerry’s employees to support organizations in the.

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