I want to know my past present and future

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i want to know my past present and future

Past And Future Quotes (107 quotes)

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Published 19.12.2018

The illusion of time : past, present and future all exist together

3 Card (Past, Present & Future) Tarot Reading For Beginners Guide

Since ancient times people want to know their past to improve their present and work on their future. Although, most often, during divination, they want to uncover the secrets of what has not yet come. In fact, it is important to understand the present more deeply and to understand what has already happened in order to know what is about to come. Amidst all the prediction practices, Tarot is an ancient effective remedy for fortune-telling. There are many ways to ask a question about your fate with their help — fortune-telling three-card spread of the past, the present and future is one of the most well-known. So, if you are on the path of learning tarot cards and tarot reading , then you must know about how to read the 3-Card Spreads to determine the past, present, and future. Here, we have tried to throw light on the same.


The past that has brought you to be this person you are today. It's basically your childhood and the way you were raised, what you learned, important experiences and so on. All these we must remember got us to the place we are today. Is this the most important for you in life, your past. The past is important so that you do not make the same mistakes you have made in the past and so that you can remember who you are and where you came from.

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