Kegan and lahey immunity to change model

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kegan and lahey immunity to change model

Immunity to Change: How to Overcome It and Unlock Potential in Yourself and Your Organization by Robert Kegan

A recent study showed that when doctors tell heart patients they will die if they dont change their habits, only one in seven will be able to follow through successfully. Desire and motivation arent enough: even when its literally a matter of life or death, the ability to change remains maddeningly elusive.

Given that the status quo is so potent, how can we change ourselves and our organizations?

In Immunity to Change, authors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey show how our individual beliefs--along with the collective mind-sets in our organizations--combine to create a natural but powerful immunity to change. By revealing how this mechanism holds us back, Kegan and Lahey give us the keys to unlock our potential and finally move forward. And by pinpointing and uprooting our own immunities to change, we can bring our organizations forward with us.

This persuasive and practical book, filled with hands-on diagnostics and compelling case studies, delivers the tools you need to overcome the forces of inertia and transform your life and your work.
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Immunity to Change: Overview of the Process Map

In their latest book: "Immunity to Change.
Robert Kegan

How to Overcome Immunity to Change

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This process is exciting because it makes a difference quickly and was borne out of solid research by a couple of leading lights at Harvard. Maybe you can get things to shift for a little while, but eventually you return to your habitual ways of relating, working and thinking. Is it a lack of willpower? They became curious about what lies behind each of our habitual behaviors and mindsets. If you know that you are facing burnout and really want to be a better delegator, but continue your habit of taking control and doing things yourself, you must have a pretty good reason.


Harvard Business Press, Here is a six point outline for my review and muse. Feel free to skip to the section that grabs you. The first work established Kegan as a significant scholar and contributor to the field of adult human development. The second work enhanced that reputation even further. He discusses a broad range of developmental issues with insight, exactitude, sensitivity, and care. Wilber, , p 42f.

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