Best edition of a song of ice and fire

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best edition of a song of ice and fire

A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin

George R. R. Martins A Song of Ice and Fire series has become, in many ways, the gold standard for modern epic fantasy. Martin—dubbed the American Tolkien by Time magazine—has created a world that is as rich and vital as any piece of historical fiction, set in an age of knights and chivalry and filled with a plethora of fascinating, multidimensional characters that you love, hate to love, or love to hate as they struggle for control of a divided kingdom. It is this very vitality that has led it to be adapted as the HBO miniseries “Game of Thrones.”

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A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones - Ranked

George R. Martin has already attracted plenty of readers—the books in his A Song of Ice and Fire series have sold millions of copies worldwide—yet some fans of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones have been reluctant to pick up the notoriously lengthy tomes.
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Every Game of Thrones book you can read after the final season

Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. Hey everyone this is my first post, I'm making this thread because I am reading A Song of Ice and Fire and I want a collection that will actually stand the test of time as opposed to the paperbacks I'm currently reading. The options I'm currently looking at are the bantam ones which have an annoyingly long delivery but I like the look of :. And the Harper Voyager Slipcases which look decent quality, albeit a little bland again, although these and the Reissues are all glued while the first three of the Bantams are sewn :. I didn't know you could still get all the original US hardbacks, if the binding is genuinely better than the slipcases I'd be tempted by them. I didn't go for the UK rereleased hardbacks, because I figured it'd be unlikely that they'd continue to release them in that single colour, so your Winds and Dream wouldn't form a complete set.

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Missing GoT already? Here's what to check out after the HBO phenomenon's finale. We may never know. For starters, GoT was not George R. Martin's first book.

Utter the phrase A Game of Thrones. Whether referring to George R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series of epic fantasy novels, the first title in that series, or the blockbuster HBO television series of the same name, there are few among us who would not immediately grasp the reference to this fantasy world of Lannisters and Starks, kings and would-be kings, queens and dragons, and family loyalty and betrayal taken to extremes, all set against a backdrop of seasons that span whole decades. The influence of that world and its inhabitants on popular culture is far-reaching and undeniable. The first novel of Martin's historical fantasy series was published in , and while it was popular among fantasy fans it failed to reach mainstream bestseller lists until after the second and third installments were released. Sales of the entire series again skyrocketed after the premiere of the HBO series in April, , and the subsequent re-release of the books as mass market paperbacks, including a 5-book boxed set in

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