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Harvey and Lee: How the CIA Framed Oswald by John Armstrong

Incredible! A monumental piece of research. It blows me away how any one person can produce the startling depth of investigation that has been achieved to produce this book. It is also extremely disturbing that YOU will not read this. It is not in your library. It is not available from any mainstream book retailer. The main publishing houses would not touch this. It will not become available in e-book form. A sure sign that John Armstrongs Harvey & Lee contains the truth, or too much of it, for it to be allowed into any open popular media forum. Jesus...its even manufactured in China!
I have been aware of this work for some time, published by Quasar Ltd of Arlington, Texas in 2002. Its price on Amazon has been held at around £150, another reason why YOU will not read this. In my case, my son purchased a copy for my Christmas present, and although it only arrived in the second week of January, it counts as one of the best gifts Ive ever received. Although, supposedly second hand, the book arrived in pristine condition, complete with box folder and CD Rom.
Herein is contained the fully documented biographies of LEE Harvey Oswald and Lee HARVEY Oswald. Two CIA operatives, investigated in minute detail from the early 1950s through to 1963. Far fetched? If it is, then one person can be in two places at once. Lee in New Orleans, Harvey in New York. Lee attending one school, Harvey in another. Lee in U.S. Marines in Japan. Harvey in U.S. Marines in Taiwan. Lee in Texas, Harvey in Russia. Lee in Mexico City, Harvey in Dallas. Lee with Ruby, Harvey the loner. Lee the car driver, Harvey on public transport. Lee a participant in the assassination, Harvey the CIA framed patsy.
In the many years that I have been reading on the subject of American political assassinations of the 1960s, this book is undoubtedly a stand out milestone. There are dozens and dozens of well documented Second Oswald sightings in the JFK assassination case during the eighteen months leading up to Dallas, from the time of LHOs return from Russia. Armstrong provides dozens and dozens more in these one thousand pages. It is certainly conspiracy, but not theory. Every section of Harvey & Lee is supported by photographic evidence, Warren Commission, HSCA & ARRB testimonies, reports, exhibits and documents, National Archive evidence, FBI Airtel and memo documents and even the odd CIA classified leak.
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John Armstrong - Frank Kudlaty Interview Part 1

Is the ‘Harvey and Lee’ Theory Credible?

Remember Me? What's New? Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: John Armstrong's Harvey and Lee. Around , Time Warner Cable unceremoniously dumped the "home pages" websites of all its paid subscribers, including mine.

A very special thanks to John Armstrong for his actually encouraging uploads and use of his book and to the original uploader years ago here at the Ed. Again, it is with general or impersonal permission from Armstrong himself that I post his work for download and research. At least we now know John is not scamming anyone any more with this bloated work of high fiction. Maybe the excellent rebuttals to his fairy tale on this forum finally made him realize that enough was enough. ROKC is recruiting I hear Your kind of crowd Mike I don't wish to get into all the details, because it ended up with John having to hire an attorney.


Go straight to: Search Main Navigation. Added to this improbability was the necessity for each boy, just like the historical Lee Harvey Oswald, to have a mother named Marguerite.

JFK researcher John Armstrong has shown that the Warren Commission combined the biographies of two different people to arrive at the classic legend of Lee Harvey Oswald. One was a Russian speaking youth, possibly the child of Hungarian parents. Armstrong notes that this person preferred to be called "Harvey. It was "Harvey" who traveled to Russia and was shot dead by Jack Ruby. American-born Lee Oswald is shown in the top row of photos above.

He wrote, "there are details in Mr. Click button at left to see this U. The only stamp on the back was "rubber stamp" endorsement from Klein's Sporting Goods, the rifle retailer. Also included for comparison are a series of checks issued to Oswald that show multiple bank stamps on each and every item. Also shown is the WC "evidence" showing the money order was "deposited" a month before it was issued. Edgar Hoover wrote a memo stating that someone was using Lee Harvey Oswald's birth certificate click here to see memo.

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