Torture debate pros and cons

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torture debate pros and cons

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Published 19.12.2018

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Debating the Morality of Brutal Government Torture is Now a 'Thing,' Apparently

Home Where is torture happening? What are the pros and cons of torture? What can you do? What are the Pros and cons? Some people might be supprised, but there are people who think there are pros, as well as people who think there are cons. But what are the pros and cons?

In the aftermath of September 11th, , the Bush administration implemented policies that including controversial, coercive interrogation techniques such as waterboarding. Many consider these coercive techniques to fit within the above definition of torture. And, while the administration claimed that this was not the case, a debate was initiated within this context as to whether overt torture however it may be defined could ever be justified. The most commonly cited instance is the so-called "ticking time-bomb" scenario, in which an detained terrorists is known to know of the location of a nuclear weapon that is set to go off shortly, perhaps in one-hour. In this case, the question is asked, is torture justified to extract information necessary to save hundreds of thousands of lives?

Should high-ranking captured terrorists be tortured or be subject to "enhanced interrogation techniques" to obtain information? Timely information is needed to break up cells, capture wanted terrorists, and prevent thousands or millions of deaths; this information can be obtained in a more timely manner by administering torture. These specific terrorists deserve a little extra punishment for the death and misery they've caused. Anything we do to our captives will still be nothing compared to what they do to our soldiers when captured. Terrorists under duress may give us information that we didn't even know to ask. It lowers us from the moral high ground to the level of the terrorist. It leads to a weakening of international law, which could lead to torture retaliation for our prisoners.

The most horrifying part of the Senate's CIA Torture Report is the general public reaction, which is not a unanimous "this is horrendous. No, actually the most horrifying part of the report is the forced rectal feeding.
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Torture is a justifiable last resort

According to two psychological surveys, people suffering from torture produce unreliable information , and the most effective way to get them to tell the truth is through building rapport. After more than five years analyzing 6.


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  1. Countries around the globe — including the United States — are using coercive interrogation techniques in the fight against terrorism that critics say amount to torture.

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