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sidney webb and beatrice webb

The Optimistic Child by Martin E.P. Seligman

Despite the increased focus on self-esteem over the past three decades, depression in children has continued to grow, now affecting a quarter of all kids today. To combat this trend, Dr. Seligman began the Penn Depression Prevention Project, the first long term study aimed at 8 to 12 year olds. His findings were revolutionary, proving that children can be against depression by being taught how to challenge their pessimistic thoughts. The Optimistic Child offers parents and teachers the tools developed in this study to teach children of all ages life skills that transform helplessness into mastery and bolster self-esteem. Learning the skills of optimism not only reduces the risk of depression but boosts school performance, improves physical health, and provides children with the self-reliance they need as they approach the teenage years and beyond. world of optimists is a bigger world, a world of more possibilities, says Seligman. Filled with practical advice and written in clear, helpful language, this book is an invaluable resource for caregivers who want to open up this world for their children.The first major work to provide an effective program for preventing depression in childhood--and probably later in life.--Aaron T. Beck, M.D., President, Beck Foundation for Cognitive Therapy

Seligmans recent research profoundly demonstrates that children can be taught techniques of optimistic thinking that, in effect, depression-proofs them. --Washington Post
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Our Town Beatrice The Country Potter, DEC 2017

Webb, Sidney and Beatrice

Beatrice , as she was always known, was born on 22 January at Standish House in Gloucestershire, the eighth of the ten children nine of them daughters of Richard Potter — , businessman and railway director, and his wife, Lawrencina Heyworth — Catherine Courtney — was an elder sister. Beatrice was born into wealth. Her father, Richard Potter , had inherited a fortune in French stocks which he had lost in the commercial crisis of and had largely rebuilt through his partnership in a timber firm during the Crimean War. Knowledge of Beatrice's early life comes largely from her first volume of autobiography, My Apprenticeship , written in the early s when her rejection of the capitalist system was crystallizing.

They became co-writers and collaborators in a myriad of social reform movements. Originating from a wealthy Liverpool family, Beatrice Potter had been previously engaged to protectionist-imperialist politician Joseph Chamberlain. She was also briefly the target of F. Edgeworth's one and only attempt at courtship the "tiresome little professor", as she called him, got nowhere. Sidney came from humbler London roots. He had joined the Fabian Society in , brought in by journalist friend George Bernard Shaw , and contributed a series of famous informative tracts distributed by the Fabians, notably the famous Facts for Socialists in

Sidney and Beatrice Webb may refer to: Sidney Webb, 1st Baron Passfield ( –), English socialist, economist, reformer and a co-founder of the London.
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Early life of Beatrice Potter Webb.

Beatrice Potter and Sidney Webb married on 23 July As a seasoned researcher Sidney Webb highly valued the work of librarians in compiling indexes and bibliographies. From early in the LSE […]. This survey and all the laboriously collected data which […]. It also details some of the personal achievements of notable individuals such as Malinowski and Beveridge. My […].

Papers of Beatrice and Sidney Webb, [], comprising the following:. Diaries of Beatrice Webb, , including the original manuscript volumes and various typed transcripts, comprising a detailed account of her life and work, notably relating to the history of socialism in Great Britain. The volumes include entries concerning Charles Booth, the Fabian Society, the Labour Party, trade unionism, the suffrage movement, the LSE, local government, and communism, as well as descriptions of friends, colleagues and acquaintances. The diaries also include entries by Sidney Webb, mainly during their 'world tours' in and and a visit to the USSR in Later correspondence relating to the Webbs, [], collated by Norman MacKenzie. Material concerning personal and private affairs, , including financial and legal papers of the Webbs and their families, , such as wills, probates, birth and marriage certificates and insurance policies. Material relating to educational awards of Sidney and Beatrice, , as well as papers concerning his Barony.

It was Webb who coined the term collective bargaining. She was among the founders of the London School of Economics and played a crucial role in forming the Fabian Society. Beatrice Potter was born in Standish House in the village of Standish, Gloucestershire , the last but one of the nine daughters of businessman Richard Potter and Laurencina Heyworth, a Liverpool merchant's daughter. From an early age Beatrice was self-taught and cited as important influences the cooperative movement and the philosopher Herbert Spencer. In , she began a relationship with twice-widowed Radical politician Joseph Chamberlain , by then a Cabinet minister in Gladstone's second government.

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  1. Sidney and Beatrice Webb formed one of the most remarkable married partnerships in British history; they deeply influenced the social thought and the social institutions of their country.

  2. Sidney Webb also helped reorganize the University of London into a federation of teaching institutions and served in the government as a Labour Party member.

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