Bear and hare warm up answers

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bear and hare warm up answers

Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson

Good rhythm, lots of different voices to invent...a good read aloud book.
Poor bear hibernates right through most of the party that is carrying in right in his own lair. When he wakes up he is a blubbering mess about being left out but is quickly welcomed to join the fun. Unfortunately, soon after he joins the fun, all of his mates fall asleep leaving him wide awake and on his own. Its no fun being the last awake party animal at dawn....come on, who wants to go to dennys for some 4 am breakfast?!
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Bear and Hare - Where is bear - Read Aloud

Download "Bear and Hare Warm Up by Neal Levin". Error: . 6 ANSWER KEY The words below are scrambled words from "," by Neal Levin. Unscramble each.
Karma Wilson

4th grade warm up

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He wandered outside his den and noticed that the lake had frozen over. Good thing I m not made of water, he said, or I d turn to ice. But you are made of water, said Hare, who was tumbling around in a snow bank beside him. Over half your body is water. You must be fooling, said Bear. He looked at his body.

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  1. One cold frosty morning, Bear woke up from the middle of his In the story, “Bear and Hare Warm Up,” why does Bear have a hard time ANSWER KEY. Bear.

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