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victor cruz mom and dad

Out of the Blue by Victor Cruz

Grady Laughlin
Period 4
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While reading the book called “Victor Cruz”, I learned a lot of things about myself, but one that really stuck out was just how fortunate I really am. The book began with some foreshadowing of what was next to come In Victor Cruz’s life, like playing in the NFL. Victor Cruz is not only a great football player, but a tremendous person for overcoming all of his obstacles that life continued to throw at him.
The genre was more of an autobiography than fiction, so naturally the characters were not as developed. Victor Cruz, the main character, bounced around from foster home to foster home looking for a stable home while his mother was trying to find a stable home for his siblings. It was a really tough childhood for Victor Cruz, but as he got older things began to become more clear. His mom became a reliable guardian and his father came back into his life. Victor Cruz had always been the most athletic kid in his class but never really played organized sports until his 7th grade year. By the time he was in highschool he became the best player in Massachusetts, however his grades what prevented him from taking the next step in his life. Victor Cruz faced tons of challenges from his childhood, taking the ACT 10 times in order to get into college, not getting drafted in the NFL, and continually getting cut. All of those obstacles made me realize the correct way to deal with obstacles.
The details that were used in this book were amazing. At some moments in this book I actually felt as if I was following Victor Cruz’s journey. The fact that this actually happened in real life just makes it better because I know that all this stuff in the book actually happened and I can learn a lot from it. I would recommend this book to pretty much anyone. The cover page makes it look like a sports book, but it is much more than that. This book just shows that anything can happen if you keep pushing for your goal with the same energy you started with. I would give this book 5 stars because he was one of my favorite players and it was just a fantastic story.

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I Am Giant: Victor Cruz

A standout high school athlete, Cruz eventually starred for the University of Massachusetts.
Victor Cruz

NFL Star Victor Cruz: What It's Like Raising My 3-Year-Old Daughter

By Brad Hamilton. Getty Images. Becoming a father last week meant more to Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz than to many first-time dads. The birth of his daughter, Kennedy, occurred just as Cruz has emerged as an NFL superstar, something his father predicted years ago. But dad Mike Walker, a hero firefighter in Paterson, NJ, died under mysterious circumstances in — and has missed it all. That sudden success, plus his signature salsa-dance touchdown celebrations and his constant, beaming smile, has charmed Giants fans and spurred hopes for more hip swiveling today when the team takes on the Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin.

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Retired NFL player Victor Cruz may have made millions throughout his football career, but that doesn't mean he forgot the value of spending his money wisely. On a recent episode of the " Kneading Dough " podcast, Cruz and his mom, Blanca, told host Andrew Hawkins how lessons on budgeting and spending money wisely were instilled in the athlete at a young age. She raised him as a single parent. Christmas clubs are short-term savings accounts that allow you to put a certain amount of money away each week, so that you have a fund to pull from around the holidays. As an inquisitive kid, Cruz said he would always ask questions about banking and money, and his mom would educate him on how the income was being broken down for bills, food and miscellaneous expenses. How much we got this year? The former New York Giants star explained how those same lessons on smart budgeting and spending stayed with him throughout college and even into the league.

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  1. Victor Michael Cruz (born November 11, ) is a former American football wide receiver. His father was African American and his mother is Puerto Rican.

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