Gilpin war and change in world politics

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gilpin war and change in world politics

War and Change in World Politics by Robert Gilpin

An interesting take on the way in which change is managed in the international system. Of note, Gilpin wrote this in 1981 and it is therefore focused on the world order built primarily upon US/USSR competition. The end of the Cold War resulted in a peaceful yet revolutionary Systemic Change in the international system, now with the increasing integration of Europe and the rise of China we are presented with another potential systemic change in the coming years. What is most interesting about this change is that it appears to be following the line of argument put forward by Gilpin. The US retrenchment as part of its military rebalancing and the clearly excessive costs of maintaining US hegemony are clear indications, at least according to Gilpin, of an impending challenge to international system. As he points out, this does not mean that the US will lose its status as number 1, rather it means that it may. Either way, if Gilpin is right the US can expect some pain ahead.
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Field Experiments in International Relations - Dr. Robert O. Keohane

Robert Gilpin passed away recently.
Robert Gilpin

Power, Order, and Change in World Politics

Are there recurring historical dynamics and patterns that can help us understand today's power transitions and struggles over international order? What can we learn from the past? Are the cycles of rise and decline of power and international order set to continue? Robert Gilpin's classic work, War and Change in World Politics offers a sweeping and influential account of the rise and decline of leading states and the international orders they create. Now, some thirty years on, this volume brings together an outstanding collection of scholars to reflect on Gilpin's grand themes of power and change in world politics. The chapters engage with theoretical ideas that shape the way we think about great powers, with the latest literature on the changing US position in the global system, and with the challenges to the existing order that are being generated by China and other rising non-Western states.

Cambridge Core - International Relations and International Organisations - War and Change in World Politics - by Robert Gilpin.
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Albert G. Milbank Professor of Politics and International Affairs

He held the Eisenhower professorship. Gilpin specialized in political economy and international relations , especially the effect of multinational corporations on state autonomy. Gilpin received his B. Following three years as an officer in the U. Navy , Gilpin completed his Ph. He joined the Princeton faculty in and earned tenure in

John Ikenberry, ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, New Global Studies. John Ikenberry asks in the introduction of this remarkable collection of essays about global order, in which a group of scholars based in the Anglosphere reflect on Robert Gilpin's famous book War and Change in World Politics , published in This dynamic is enhanced by the fact that non-hegemonic powers do not need to bear the cost of international leadership, thus having another advantage over the hegemon. World order is thus cyclical, marked by the rise and fall of great powers, irrespective of the characteristics of each order in question.

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  1. Professor Gilpin provides in place of the tedious and vacuous theorizing common in the literature an intelligent and intellectually stimulating, if speculative, study.

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