A presocratics reader selected fragments and testimonia

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a presocratics reader selected fragments and testimonia

A Presocratics Reader by Patricia Curd

Collection of fragments from the various Pre-Socratic philosophers. Shame that this is their grouping, and that they might be assumed to be before Socrates and thats it. Its also a shame that theyre all so fragmentary. Imagine the stuff we missed.

Included in this edition are fragments of:
Thales - first attempts to explain the world w/o mythology, founder of ancient Greek and therefore Western philosophy
Anaximander - the indefinite as origin of the universe.
Pythagoras - philosopher/mystic/mathematician - reincarnation, early mathematics. Relations of mathematics and ratios.
Xenophanes - Popper cites him as the basis of critical rationalism
Heraclitus - On the logos, how people dream in their own worlds, riddles. Continuous eternal change. One ought not to act as a man asleep.
Parmenides - Wrote in verse. Claimed truth cannot be known by the senses (!) I think Heidegger wrote a book on him. Vaguely reminds me of Taoism.
Zeno - Paradoxes as means of investigation
Empedocles - Love and Strife, the 4 classical elements. Daimones.
Anaxagoras - Nous, or mind, which controls all things.
Leucippus/Democritus - Atoms.
Melissus of Samos
Diogenes of Apollonia
The Sophists (Protagoras, Gorgias, Prodicus, Hippias, Antiphon)
As well as selections from the Derveni papyrus.

Its a shame I havent read actual selections from these guys earlier. Fascinating stuff. You can start to see how later philosophers pick through them for ideas to expand upon. Now you can go after everybody from Plato to Heidegger in a new light.

Might go for the Diels/Kranz edition later if when I can understand either German or Greek.
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A Presocratics Reader: Selected Fragments and Testimonia (Hackett Classics) Second Edition,2 Edition. Plato: Five Dialogues: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo (Hackett. Richard D. McKirahan is Edwin Clarence Norton Professor of Classics and Professor of Philosophy at Pomona.
Patricia Curd

A Presocratics Reader

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  1. A Presocratics reader: selected fragments and testimonia / edited, . Greek Philosophy and A Presocratics Reader from the beginning, and I.

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