Warriors of heaven and earth

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warriors of heaven and earth

The Creator’s warriors: Heaven on earth by Luis Herrera

The Creator is a story born of imaginacion. I’m my eternal journey through these lands, I learned what is to enjoy, laugh, suffer and cry, I had joys and ventures, I also saw the enjoyment and suffering of half of the world, moreover, I have seen the suffering of many thousands and the enjoy of few, looking at the sky I ask many questions, but never find an answer, taking my on initiative I intend to witness the beginning of the Apocalipse, I intend to contribute to this event. With little knowledge of religious event, drag characters that marked milestones in the biblical story, put them on the way to save the world where we live, a world called “Earth” to wich a man named Peter wants to call “Paradise”. The man called peter has a second chance in his life, in his impotence of facing so much abuse, he tries to mediate with the Creator, he also ask many questions to this one, who only responds “So I do things, nobody can reproach me” “non-mortal dare to disobey”, “so would his design” “so he did and so it will be forever”, because that is his law.
Peter does not agree, “you are wrong” “you seem to hate your subjects” “you make a good soul suffer and give pleasure to the perverse soul” he continues saying “your believers are losing faith in you” “they are losing faith in the Creator”.
That seems to matter little to the Creator who only strives to punish the one who dares to challenge his will.
The man named Peter, ignoring the creator’s request, launches himself towards the earth, his task,ridding it of evil, he will not be alone, a lot of Angels go with him. As the Creator can not avoid his decision he covers them with his grace, he ask not to commit the same error of the fallen angels, he ask that they teach to love their neighbor, but Peter has different intention, he will be more severe in his desire to make the earth a Paradise.
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AR Rahman - Warriors in Peace ft. Jolin Tsai - Warriors of Heaven and Earth Music Video

Chinese Movie Nights – Warriors of Heaven and Earth

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T his epic by Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker director He Ping follows a caravan mission through the Gobi Desert after a Tang Dynasty emperor dispatches a Japanese emissary to murder a revered Chinese lieutenant for not wanting to kill innocent Turks. Despite the breathtaking locales, Warriors of Heaven and Earth is impossibly cheesy—backstory is explained via breathy voiceover, the tedious sword fighting is strictly of the ooga-booga variety, and the bad guys are readily identifiable by how slowly they twirl their moustaches and clap their hands. But the straightforward Warriors of Heaven and Earth is an all-around bore, failing both as history lesson and performance art. Almost every element of the film has been seemingly engineered to be the ne plus ultra of slapdash ineptitude. B rian A. From the very start, 10 Minutes Gone radiates an air of noxious machismo, figuratively puffing out its chest with every wooden line of dialogue. Everyone here has a witty-but-not retort at the ready, and nearly every line is shoehorned with some type of tough-guy criminal lingo.

This site uses cookies. By using this site you are agreeing to our privacy and cookie policy. He Ping, best known internationally for Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker , is better known in China as the pioneer of the so-called Chinese western like Sun Valley and Swordsman Of Double Flag Town which are set in the vast and unpopulated western territories. Warriors Of Heaven And Earth takes that genre and combines it with the historical epic a la Kurosawa or last year's Hero to create a grand entertainment which has all the pacing and action of a Hollywood film. In fact, seen alongside The Last Samurai or The Missing , Warriors holds up extremely well - both in terms of production values and storytelling savvy - and was made for a fraction of their cost. Of course the fact that it is a production of Columbia Film Production Asia might have something to do with its mainstream sensibilities.

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Sign in. - The film's notable cinematography captures a wide range of landscapes across China's Xinjiang province. The film is set in western China in AD during the Tang Dynasty , and revolves around two protagonists, the first of whom is Lieutenant Li of the Chinese army.




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