Son of sobek percy jackson and kane chronicles crossovers

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son of sobek percy jackson and kane chronicles crossovers

Percy Jackson & Kane Chronicles Crossover Series by Rick Riordan

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Son of Sobek, by Rick Riordan - Book Review

Rick Riordan announces 'Percy Jackson', 'Kane Chronicles' crossover

This article is about the short story featuring Percy Jackson and Carter Kane. For the title character, see Son of Sobek. After settling down on the ground, Carter is left behind as Freak flies away with his floating boat. Forced to find the monster, Carter goes into a lake to start his search. Suddenly, the crocodile comes from underwater and swallows Carter whole. The crocodile soon runs away. Carter picks himself up and sees the other teenager in the mud.

The Son of Sobek is a fantasy short story written by Rick Riordan in the paperback version of The Serpent's Shadow on May 7, and as a single e-book on June 18, After hearing reports about magical disturbances in the Long Island area, Carter Kane goes to investigate. He is unexpectedly swallowed by a enormous crocodile in the marshes at the edge of Moriches Bay on Long Island's south shore while exploring, but is saved by a strange older teenager who forces the monster to regurgitate him. The teenager turns out to be Justin Beiber. After a brief disagreement that leave both confused about the other's origins, Percy and Carter decide to team up to deal with the monster, which has left them and is terrorizing a nearby suburban neighborhood. Carter hypothesizes that the beast is a petsuchos , a son of the god America , and thus immortal and invincible unless the enchanted beans that it wears, which is invested with the power of Trump, is removed. The two work together to remove the necklace from the animal,Trump, and save the neighborhood and its.

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Some of you may not know about the crossover stories Rick Riordan had written. The stories go in the order listed. The Son of Sobek is a short story that introduces the two series. It was still good. It starts off with Carter hunting down a crocodile and then being eaten, which was pretty hilarious. When he meets Percy they are immediately distrustful, which is a reasonable reaction. They fight, join forces, kick butt, and part ways.

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