Amazing cat and dog facts

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amazing cat and dog facts

Its Fun to Be a Cat and a Dog: Fun Facts about Cats and Dogs by Francois Bissonnette

I am nine years old and I think this book was fun and interesting to read. I also think Cats and Dogs are both sooooooo amazing!! I liked all the super cute pictures and all the facts about dogs and cats.

I have a cat named Princess Fluffy and a dog named Pixie, and Princess Fluffy is really fast, just like it says about cats in this book. The book says smart dogs can know up to 250 words so I want to teach my dog more words so we can understand each other more. Pixie is happy when I understand her and does her wiggly dance when I do. Like if I didn’t feed her on time or she wants to go out or when fluffy has taken over her dog bed instead of the cat bed or something, she’ll try and get me to notice her & when I say the word or name she is looking for to explain herself, she does her happy wiggly dance. It’s soooooooo cute.

There’s lots of interesting facts in this book, told by Gizmo a super cute kitten and Rocky a little Corgi dog like the ones the queen’s of England likes. The bit with Rocky and the toothbrush part was funny and I was surprised that some types of dogs have blue tongues. That’s so amazing!! I thought I knew a lot about cats but there were things Gizmo said, that I didn’t know like their emotional regions of their brain and that they can be left or right handed and other interesting facts, too. Gizmo and Rocky talked about their owners and I thought those parts were really funny, also. This book is awesome and perfect for people who would like to learn more about felines and dogs, it’s cute, easy to read and fun, too. @(*o*)@
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13 Facts About Cats and Dogs That Will Make You Fall in Love All Over Again

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  2. Cat whiskers are so sensitive they can detect the slightest change in air current. Cats have 26 baby teeth and 30 permanent teeth. Interesting facts about cats.

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