Vocal prayer meditation and contemplation

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vocal prayer meditation and contemplation

Contemplative Prayer Quotes by Thomas Merton

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Published 21.12.2018

Christian Mindfulness Centering Prayer Meditation v 2

He described three types of prayer; vocal prayer, best suited for beginners; meditation, oriented.

Prayer, meditation and contemplation in Christianity

If you pray, you will be certainly saved; if you do not pray, you will be certainly damned. Masters of communication with God are those who in a constant state of prayer. Prayer like anything else is something that is a sanctifying skill — a holy practice that which feeds you grace from God and praise, honor, and glory back to God. As we are called by God to be holy, Jesus also asked of us,. Be you therefore perfect, as also your heavenly Father is perfect. This is why we read the lives of the saints that inspire us and give us personal direction to follow in their footsteps toward holiness.

Prayer can be formal or informal, verbal or nonverbal, active or contemplative.
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But too many kids are never introduced to meditative or contemplative forms of prayer, which is too bad, because then they miss out on the many fruits of those prayer forms. We go out and seek God, usually by focusing our thoughts on some object: a Scripture text as in lectio divina and imaginative prayer , a mystery of faith as in the rosary , sacred art such as a sacred icon , or even the natural world. Prayerful meditation is different from intellectual study or analysis of the Scripture, artwork, mystery of faith, or whatever the object of meditation might be. Contemplative prayer sometimes flows out of meditative prayer. Parents are sometimes daunted by the prospect of teaching their kids meditative and contemplative prayer. The Catholic Diocese of Townsville, Australia, offers a comprehensive website on teaching meditation and contemplation to children; check it out at cominghome.

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  1. Masters of communication with God are those who in a constant state of prayer. However, 'a constant state of prayer' is not necessarily sitting in.

  2. Vocal prayer is an essential element of the Christian life. . major expressions of the life of prayer: vocal prayer, meditation, and contemplative prayer.

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