They were young and brave

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they were young and brave

Glow Kids Quotes by Nicholas Kardaras

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History Buffs: We Were Soldiers

"They Were Young And Brave" - LTG Hal Moore's Return To Ia Drang Valley LTG Hal Moore returns to Ia Drang Valley, scene of fierce battle on November.

Americans have a unique opportunity witness a 1965 battle...

HOLLYWOOD -- Americans have a unique opportunity witness a battle that turned the Vietnam police action into a full-scale war, thanks in part to deliberately misleading reports by our government. It was the battle of Ia Drang Valley, actually two fire fights in which Americans were slain and 2, North Vietnamese army troops killed. Late last year Forrest Sawyer, host-narrator of 'Day One,' flew to the Central Highlands battlefield with 11 survivors, among them commanding officer Lt. Harold G. Moore retired and Joseph L. And Young. The show ranges back and forth between the carnage as it took place and interviews on the battlefield with both American and Vietnamese survivors.

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Some people say they love the stories that lie within our songs. Remember the last time you held a new-born baby? It has no idea just how precious and beautiful it is. We all start from that place of Magnificence. It takes you through a few generations of a family whose upbringing was dark, lonely and hard, but the last few scenes focus on this beautiful young daughter whose eyes were full of hope and purity. This song is an attempt to capture those emotions. In spite of the fears and pressures that come later in life, this is a song of joy and celebration of the beauty and incredible value each and every human that has ever walked this earth contains.

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After reading the book in , ABC officials decided to produce a television piece for the "Day One" Monday night show hosted by Forrest Sawyer link to view the show is below. Producer , and two 2-person TV crews flew to Vietnam. The veterans are listed below. Included are their military ranks, duty positions, and Ia Drang Battlefields they fought on:. In Hanoi, the veterans met for two hours with Lt.

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  1. Jack Smith, a veteran of the battle at Ia Drang, talks of the battle that would change the course of history and the lives of all the men who were in the battle. This is.

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