Suzy and leah by jane yolen summary

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suzy and leah by jane yolen summary

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Suzy and Leah

Is the story Suzy and Leah a true story?

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Because Leah woul live in a terable place. Suzy is a very proper girl. She is an american. Leah is a refugee look it up-or-a person who flees from home or a country. She is Jewish. Leah is a refugee, and she can tell that the children are coming to give food to them as though they were animals in a zoo.

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  1. Suzy. Jane Yolen. Reading Strategy. Drawing Inferences What can you infer about . Leah. A Critical Viewing. Part of this story is set in a refugee camp, like the.

  2. Suzy and Leah by Jane Yolen. August 5, Dear Diary,. Today I walked past that place, the one that was in the newspaper, the one all the kids have been.

  3. Leah is in a refugee camp that has "rickety wooden buildings" surrounded by a high fence with barbed wire. It is not fancy, but it is better than a concentration.

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