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r goscinny and albert uderzo

Asterix & Obelixs Birthday: The Golden Book by Albert Uderzo

Its the 50th Anniversary of Asterix and Obelix, so they get their own Birthday Book! What would our heroes be like in the year 1 AD? Its amusing to find out, but lets face it, the perpetual 50 BC they are stuck in is more fun, so lets return there after out glimpse of the future...

How old are our heroes, anyway? Why arent they married? What should they get as Birthday Gifts? How many characters from previous adventures will show up to celebrate? How will Caesar try to ruin the party? How many artistic styles and famous paintings can Uderzo parody (amazingly well)? Just how surreal can one Asterix book get???

This has to be the most bonkers Asterix book of them all - by some considerable stretch! Best appreciated by those most familiar with the entire history of the village of Indomitable Gauls still holding out against the invaders...
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Du tac au tac avec Goscinny & Uderzo

Alberto Aleandro Uderzo known as Albert Uderzo, is a French comic book artist and scriptwriter. The son of Italian.
Albert Uderzo

Albert Uderzo

To rescue their bard, Asterix and Obelix have to become gladiators. In Asterix and the Banquet, the Romans build a barricade around the village. So Asterix and Obelix demonstrate their resistance by going on a journey around the entire country, collecting local specialities on the way. In Asterix and Cleopatra, Asterix, Obelix and co visit Egypt, where they are entranced by the Sphinx, the pyramids and Cleopatra's nose! Asterix: Asterix Omnibus Asterix: Asterix on the Warpath.

Albert Uderzo, co-creator of the Gallic comic book hero Asterix, is suing his daughter and son-in-law for "psychological violence" to stop them "getting their hands" on his legacy. Enough is enough. Sylvie claimed that when her father sold his stake in the original Asterix publisher to the Hachette publishing conglomerate in , it was as though "the indomitable tribe of Gauls who had always resisted the invader was being definitively beaten by the armies of Julius Caesar". She and her husband Bernard de Choisy began legal proceedings in which claimed that her ageing father was being taken advantage of by his entourage who were allegedly influencing decisions about his literary estate. That case has yet to be ruled upon. Group to drop Dylan suit if he apologises for 'race slur'.

René Goscinny was a French comic editor and writer of Polish descent, who created the Astérix comic book series with illustrator Albert Uderzo. He also worked.
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He also worked on the comic series Lucky Luke with Morris considered [ by whom? Goscinny was born in Paris in , to a family of Jewish immigrants from Poland. He had a habit of being the "class clown", probably to compensate for a natural shyness. He started drawing very early on, inspired by the illustrated stories which he enjoyed reading. In December , the year after he graduated from school, Goscinny's father died of a cerebral hemorrhage , forcing him to find a job.

As early as his nursery-school days, young Albert shows great drawing ability. He is completely self-taught, and his first vocation to be a clown develops into an irrepressible desire to draw, with an early attraction for Walt Disney heroes. From the age of ten, Albert Uderzo begins to sketch characters with big noses …. The family moves a second time, from Clichy-sous-Bois to the Rue de Montreuil, in the 11th district in Paris. For a while Albert thinks about becoming an aircraft mechanic and passes the entrance exam to the French Engineering School before the Second World War breaks out. Albert likes the area, but because of the war he has to return to Paris, where he helps his father, a machine operator working with wood.

Uderzo's talent for funny characterizations, expressive action and beautiful and atmospheric scenery gave the series its visual identity. It remains both his as well as Goscinny's signature work and masterpiece. However, Uderzo also created other long-running series which are better known in Continental Europe than elsewhere in the world, such as the humoristic pirate series 'Jehan Pistolet' and the brawny Native American 'Oumpah-Pah' , both scripted by Goscinny. Uderzo was also the original artist of Jean-Michel Charlier 's aviation duo 'Tanguy et Laverdure' Early panel of Belloy, featuring a caricature of the artist. In he was naturalized as a Frenchman. The boy suffered from two problematic issues by birth: he had six fingers on each hand and was colour blind.

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