700 club heaven and hell

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700 club heaven and hell

Holding Onto Heaven With Hell On Your Back by Sheila Walsh

This story is an autobiography by Sheila Walsh. She uses a lot of the book of Job in the Bible to show how God allows Satan to try to trip us up. As God used her mightily she was struggling in a very bad marriage. She was healed miraculously from a growth on her vocal cords which could have left her unable to sing. Just as her marriage got back on track she became a co-host on the 700 Club out of Virginia Beach, VA.

I will try to read more of her books. It was a very easy read and quite uplifting spiritually.
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The Bible says, "It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment. Notice it doesn't say, "It is appointed unto men once to die, or maybe twice, or a few times, and after this come back and share your experiences. Also, a lot of these "went to hell" stories have demons or the Devil himself tormenting people. That is not biblical. Hell was originally created for the Devil and his angels, as a place of punishment. There are no demons or Satan in hell right now.

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  1. A young man on the ultimate power trip takes a trip to hell and a skydiver takes a trip to heaven.

  2. My friend said that a literal hell does not exist. He says hell was made up by organized religion in order to keep people in line. He thinks evil people are.

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