Rick riordan and his family

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rick riordan and his family

Rick Riordan (Author of The Lightning Thief)

Don’t get me wrong. Greek myths are great! But you can’t swing a gorgon’s head in any bookstore without hitting at least a dozen Greek-myth-inspired books.

Try finding great adventures based on Western African gods and heroes like Nyame or Anansi. Try finding stories about modern kids who encounter African-American folk legends like High John, John Henry and Brer Rabbit. Those books are a lot harder to locate, despite that fact that millions of kids would relate to those gods and heroes even more than they would to Hercules and Perseus (sorry, my Greek dudes).

Can you imagine what it would be like if you could find a book that wove the whole brilliant, beautiful tapestry of West African and African-American legend into one magical world? A world that made young African-American readers think, YES! THIS IS MY AWESOME MYTHOLOGY. THIS IS MY MAGIC WORLD TO EXPLORE, AND THESE HEROIC KIDS ARE JUST LIKE ME! A book that left all readers thinking, WOW. WHY DIDN’T I KNOW ABOUT THESE AMAZING STORIES SOONER?
Kwame Mbalia has written that book. You are about to discover TRISTAN STRONG PUNCHES A HOLE IN THE SKY, and your world will never be the same.

I won’t even try to describe all the incredible adventures facing Tristan Strong in this debut novel. That would spoil the fun! But when Tristan accidentally punches a hole through our world into the sky of the Midpass, the world of African-American legends, he starts on the most epic of quests. Awaiting him are malicious haints, iron monsters, bone ships, flying rafts, burning seas, talking animals, ancient gods, and more.

But for all its great fantasy elements, what I love most about this book is its human side. Tristan is struggling with grief after the death of his best friend. He has just lost his first fighting bout, disappointing his father and grandfather’s hopes for him carrying on the family legacy. Sentenced to a summer at the grandparents’ farm in rural Alabama, this Chicago city kid is struggling to figure out who he wants to be, and whether his parents (and society) will let him be that person. Tristan is tough but tender, smart but cautious, courageous but insecure. He is someone every kid will relate to, and you will immediately want to be his friend.

I’ll tell you a secret. I cried while reading this book. Several times, I just got overwhelmed with happiness, thinking about what this book would have meant to many of my students back when I taught middle school. I was delighted to see old friends like Brer Fox, John Henry and Gum Baby in such a fresh, modern, page-turning adventure. I felt grateful to Kwame Mbalia for writing this book so that new generations of young readers could grown up with Tristan Strong and get to know the rich stories of West Africa and the African Diaspora. In a lifetime full of highlights, I have to say that helping to publish this book is right up there at the top!

I know you will enjoy TRISTAN STRONG. I envy you reading this book for the first time. As for Tristan’s further adventures, the sky’s the limit. Wait, no. Tristan punched a hole in the sky. There ARE no limits.
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Rick Riordan: The Blood of Olympus Interview

Rick Riordan

Listen Listening The New York Times bestselling author is most famous for his Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, which follows the adventures of demi-god teens as they navigate the world of the Greek gods, monsters and the challenges of middle school. When my son was about seven years old, he was really struggling in school. He had just been diagnosed as ADHD and dyslexic, and about the only thing he liked in school was Greek mythology. Riordan drew his inspiration for the series from his fifteen years as a middle school English and History teacher, as well as from his older son.

Richard Russell Riordan Jr. Born on June 5, , Rick Riordan grew up in Texas. He attended the Alamo Heights High School, graduating in For higher education Rick enrolled at the University of Texas in Austin double majoring in English and history. After graduation from the university in , Rick Riordan chose teaching for a career. In , he was presented the St.

Richard Russell Riordan Jr. His books have spawned related media, such as graphic novels and short story collections.
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But Percy is an unlikely superhero: he has never scored above a grade C in his life, and he thinks he's a loser, until page 88 of The Lightning Thief the first in the series. Percy is, in fact, very flawed and he has to fight against that and at the same time fight monsters. At the time Haley refused to read and hated school so much he would sit under the table and cry.


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  1. He is also the author of the multi-award-winning Tres Navarre mystery series for adults.

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