Not doing that cyanide and happiness

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not doing that cyanide and happiness

Cyanide and Happiness by Kris Wilson

Introducing the first real, tangible, ignitable collection of the hit online comic Cyanide & Happiness, featuring a selection of your favorite comics and thirty brand-new strips.

From the minds of Kris, Rob, Matt, and Dave comes a barrage of irreverent entertainment sure to keep you amused until the day you die. Just see what their mothers have to say!

Dave is a nice, young man with a bright future ahead of him. I always knew he was a gifted boy who would go on to do great things. I hope he settles down with a nice, young woman and ****s the **** out of her.
—Daves mom

I dont know how to get computer pictures, so Im glad Kris finally has a book out. I havent read it yet, but I hope he gives me a quote on the back.
—Kriss mom

I hope Roberts book does well so he can finally afford to move out. He plays his hip-hop music too loud.
—Robs mom

Matts mom was unavailable for a quote due to being dead.
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⚡⚡⚡Cyanide & Happiness BEST 30MIN Compilation ✔️ Cartoons for kids ► Explosm 2019

Comics, shorts, really exciting news, it's all right at your fingertips! Plus some other things!
Kris Wilson

144 Brutally Hilarious Comics For People Who Like Dark Humor (Cyanide & Happiness)

Cyanide and Happiness is a webcomic and animated series hosted on Explosm. According to Wikipedia , [3] Kris Wilson began drawing comics by hand at the age of 16 when he was staying home while suffering from an illness. After he began making comics on the computer, he initially uploaded them to his personal website Comicazi. Matt Melvin later announced his departure from the group on August 12, , due to differing views about the future direction of the comic. Explosm admins have occasionally allowed readers to submit content to be featured on the site, which included flash movies by the Ultimate Showdown Ultimate Destiny animator Shawn Vulliez. The site also contains flash animation movies, humor articles, a web forum and a merchandise store.

It was created and started running daily on January 25, It has appeared on social networking sites such as Myspace , Quora , LiveJournal , and Facebook , where, in April , it had generated more than a million visits per week. Wilson was at home with strep throat and had doodled some stick figure comics. Meanwhile, DenBleyker and Matt Melvin had been working on projects where they "made bad stick figure death movies together after posting their stuff at Newgrounds back in around and Melvin said, "When we decided to branch off from just stick figure death movies and do something more with the site, we started Explosm and brought Kris on board. Hot damn! I'll take 4".

Don't miss out on the next big story.

Sad Ending - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Hi there! Instead we want to create an online show that everyone in the world can watch anytime they want. Here's the way we see it: We like creating funny stuff on the internet and you guys like looking at it. If we meet our goal we'll create a season of eight minute episodes estimated maximum Internet attention span to begin airing in Fall of If we surpass it, we will create even more animation we'll say more about that that if we actually make our goal! The shorts will be a lot like the ones on this page and our YouTube channel.

Each episode consists of a few short stories that have little to no connection to each other with the exception of six episodes from Season 3, which were a story arc. The creators described the goal of each episode to be "to extract the human excretion known as laughter from your face hole via fast-paced weird comedy. The first season was initially released on YouTube from November 12, to January 21, The show was later acquired by Seeso , which produced second and third seasons before selling the show to VRV in mid On February 20, , it was announced that VRV had renewed the show for a fourth season, which will comprise 10 episodes.

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