Eamon de valera and michael collins

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eamon de valera and michael collins

Big Fellow, Long Fellow by T. Ryle Dwyer

Michael Collins and Eamon de Valera were the two most charismatic leaders of the Irish revolution. This joint biography looks first at their very different upbringings and early careers. Both fought in the 1916 uprising, but their first encounter didnt come until Collins had been released from jail after the uprising while Valera was still inside. Vastly different in temperament and style, they were still yoked together. Ryle Dwyer mines the years 1917-1922 through the twists and turns of their careers. In the epilogue, he considers the legacy of Collins on de Valeras later political life.
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Michael Collins

Eamon De Valera - the Irish Machiavelli who destroyed Michael Collins

It is the great Irish murder mystery, dominating the political landscape for nearly three-quarters of a century: Was Eamon de Valera behind the assassination of Michael Collins? Michael Mills contends that not only was de Valera aware of the ambush being prepared for Collins but also that he attended the meeting of IRA officers at Beal na Blath where. It was generally agreed that Neil Jordan's film Michael Collins was a most powerful, action-filled adventure story, but there was considerable controversy over its portrayal of Eamon de Valera. Some criticised its picture of de Valera as a pedantic and unreal character who could not possibly have won the respect of his colleagues. Surprisingly, there was little criticism of his depiction as one of those most responsible for the assault on the treaty and for the heightening of tensions at a time when the outbreak of civil war appeared almost inevitable.

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. He moved to Ireland at the age of two and was brought up by relatives in Limerick. He became a teacher of mathematics and an avid supporter of the Irish language movement. De Valera was a leader in the Easter Rising which proclaimed an Irish republic. Arrested, he was saved from a death sentence because of his American birth and instead received a prison term. On his release, he stood as a Sinn Fein Party candidate in the general election.

Lynch Jack. Collins and de Valera : Friends or Foes?. Although a life-long admirer of Eamon de Valera, Jack Lynch who succeeded Sean Lemass as leader of the Fianna Fail Party and Taoiseach ; , recognises that to a large extent de Valera and Collins shared the same views, philosophies and ideals. In a remarkable effort to rise above past bitterness the author claims that the only durable solution of Ireland's problems, be it the Ulster crisis or the current recession, will be based on the coming together of the people of the island in peace and reconciliation and the co-operation of all in the national interest. I write as a person who has been a lifelong admirer and supporter of Eamon de Valera, his ideals, his philosophies and policies. I still am and will be as long as I live. To admire and support Eamon de Valera is not to denigrate Michael Collins.

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Great moments in history are not always the result of grand dreams or personal heroism. - Kim Bielenberg Twitter Email.

Happy Birthday , Mr de Valera! I got to the auditorium in the Gresham and wisely took a seat on the aisle. What happened next has stuck in my brain ever since. As he walked down the aisle he extended both of his hands to the side—not unlike the Virgin Mary atop the globe with serpent underfoot—and allowed people to touch him. Even at 92, he had an imposing physical presence—he towered over me—which must have made him an outsized figure to friend and foe alike. Just two months after our brief meeting he was dead.

There are many conditions under which Ireland was divided into two nations. Two main men were the main leaders of this split, Eamon de Valera and Michael Collins. Sinn Fein also played a large role. Their differing visions for an Ireland free of British rule was the root motivation for the split. Michael Collins was born in at Clonakilty, Co.


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  1. Eamon de Valera inspects troops outside the GPO in Dublin on the 25th anniversary of the Easter Rising: The English have an innate distaste for de Valera because he personifies an independent Irish national identity, claims historian Ronan Fanning.

  2. His political career spanned over half a century, from to ; he served several terms as head of government and head of state.

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