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john and michael once upon a time

Quote by John Fowles: “Once upon a time there was a young prince who b...”

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Belle & The Darlings Team Up Once Upon A Time

John and Michael Darling are characters featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They are played by Matt Kane and James Immekus, respectively. Their younger.

Michael Darling

John Darling is a minor character on Once Upon a Time. He is the brother of Wendy Darling , who finds himself caught in a dangerous situation after his sister visits Neverland. The Darling family, consisting of John, Michael , Wendy , Mary and George , take in a young boy named Baelfire , and he is shocked to learn that the family's children have been interacting with a magical shadow that visits their window at night. It is soon learned that the shadow is dangerous, and after it takes Wendy to the dreadful island that is Neverland and brings her back again, she reveals that it will return as it wants to kidnap a boy specifically. When the shadow returns, Bae and the Darlings take extensive measures in order to prevent it from taking John or Michael, however, Michael, being very young, doesn't understand and simply stands in the middle of the room. This makes him an easy target for the shadow, who attempts to kidnap him, but Baelfire bravely steps in and offers himself up as the shadow's victim.

The characters and creatures of ABC 's Once Upon a Time and its spin-off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland are related to classic fairy tale and fantasy characters and creatures, and often tie-in with other Disney media properties. In the Enchanted Forest, he receives a potion from Rumplestiltskin that will free him from his parents but inadvertently gives it to a young couple, transforming the pair into puppets. He wishes on a star in the hopes that the couple will be transformed back. The Blue Fairy appears and tells him that she cannot undo Rumplestiltskin's work. To make things right, she transforms him into a cricket so that he can be free from his parents and guide the couple's son Geppetto. In Storybrooke, he is Dr.

John Darling

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John and Michael live at the Darling mansion where a mysterious shadow that comes to their window some nights. After their guest Baelfire warns them not to approach the shadow, they don't listen. John and Michael's sister Wendy goes with the shadow to a place called Neverland , but the shadow allows her to return home because the shadow wants to take one of her brothers away, permanently. Realizing that she should have listened to Bae, Wendy and the others set up traps around the room, to no effect. The shadow arrives, but Bae sacrifices himself, and the shadow whisks him away to Neverland. Some time later, Wendy goes to Neverland to rescue Bae, but is captured by Peter Pan and is held prisoner.

Their family welcomes a house guest when Wendy hides a homeless orphan named Baelfire in the nursery, to which he is allowed by their mother to stay. During one night, John and Michael overhear Baelfire warning Wendy against thinking magic is fun since it destroyed his family. Despite her fascination with a creature called the Shadow , he makes Wendy promise never to open the window for it. She disobeys him and is whisked off for an adventure in Neverland , but returns with troubling news as the Shadow wants to take away one of my brothers permanently. Baelfire promises to protect them. They arm themselves with makeshift weapons on the night the Shadow breaks into the nursery and run into the cubby-hole to hide except for Michael, so Baelfire dashes out to ask the Shadow to take him instead. The Darling siblings bolt to the window to watch as Baelfire is pulled away by the Shadow and disappears into the sky.

Neal and Hook seemingly fight over a lighter although Hook later reveals that they were fighting over Emma. The episode — written by Kalinda Vazquez and Andrew Chambliss and directed by Guy Ferland — was received positively by critics, especially with the episode's pace compared to past episodes in the third season; however, despite positive reviews, the episode was watched by 6. As the mission begins in Neverland, Gold and Regina give Ariel instructions to contact Belle once she arrives in Storybrooke to retrieve an item that will be useful in their quest to destroy Peter Pan. Regina also gives her a bracelet that she can use for only 24 hours in order to complete her mission and Gold gives her an enchanted sand dollar, instructing her to give it to Belle as she'll know what it means. However, moments after Ariel escapes into the realms, this plan is discovered by Pan, who tells Felix that a pair of minions from the outside world will arrive there immediately to solve the problem. Going back five days earlier as Emma Swan , Mary Margaret, David, Regina, Gold, and Hook left for Neverland to search for Henry, Gold tells Belle that the prophecy will be his undoing and he might not be coming back, but Belle believes in her heart that he will return. Gold also gave her instructions to use a cloaking spell because there might be others coming from the outside world to destroy Storybrooke, and after alerting the residents of the threat, she places the spell around the city limits by opening a vein of fairy dust in the mines; however, a pair of brothers arriving from Minnesota in a convertible managed to sneak in just in time, as they are revealed to be the contacts from Peter Pan's Home Office.

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