Blade and soul pros and cons

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blade and soul pros and cons

Midnight Blade (Soul Stones, #0.1) by T.L. Branson

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Kingdoms rise and fall by the blade.

For Davion Callum, that blade is close by his side. All he wants is to uncover the identity of his parents, but instead he finds himself at the helm of Lord Fabian Rommels epic scheme to conquer Havan and the neighboring kingdom of Sunbury.

When his prey becomes more than a target, Callum is given a choice to stand beside those who would wield him as a weapon or defend those who would call him friend.

The lines blur between ally and enemy and all is not as it seems. Callum must uncover the truth if he hopes to see the dawn and survive this deadly game.

Sword and Sorcery meets Epic Fantasy in this action-packed novella that will leave you at the edge of your seat.
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Blade & Soul -Pros & Cons-

By Mirax , December 1, in General Discussion. Since its my first time beta testing a mmorpg I thought I would give my feedback.
T.L. Branson

Blade & Soul: Pros and Cons of each class

With the newly releasing of Blade and Soul, I have tried this game again. I want to share some advantages and weak points. If you want to try this game, just have a look and share your comments. Net , founded in Sep. Add to Favorite Rss.

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It is a very solid beginning to a game, but it does not feel complete. Also, the community in the game's origin country, versus the community in NA, are used to some VERY different play styles.

Keep note that I do believe this information is mostly from the TW version. So some of the stuff you see might not be on the NA version yet. Cons: No party buffs Can only block attacks coming from the front Lots of damage comes from stationary lightning AoE, which can be avoided Loses noticeable amount of damage from loss of chi regen attack procs if not tanking or if the opponent times their attacks correctly in PvP. Cons: Parry has a much smaller window than BM block 1 second Can only parry attacks coming from the front Highest learning-curve of all classes, especially in PvP Heavily single-target oriented; limited AoE potential. Cons: Spin parry has the tightest possible timing 0. Cons: Squishy Weakest PvE CC synergy among melee classes; has no ability to hold down the enemy PvE contribution is often invisible no pun intended compared to other classes due to the nature of DoTs and debuffs Dodge has long cd 8s default, 12s with daze trait , is relatively easy to read in PvP Extremely vulnerable to wide AoEs knocking them out of stealth Second-hardest class to use after KFM Jin exclusive. Cat is pretty cute, can tank and revive allies Very versatile and easy-to-play Omnidirectional dodge doubles as defense and stealth, can be applied to party members, resets cds on a number of damage abilities, and is hard to read in PvP.

By davc , October 16, in General Discussion. Des is the easiest class to play out of the 3. About the class. But for destros Well that's all the down sides I can think of at the moment. If there's any other destros that can help with the cons feel free to do so. Goodluck choosing the right class for you!

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  1. This game feels like a fraction of a whole game. It is a very solid beginning to a game, but it does not feel complete. I lost interest in this.

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