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thomas and friends diesel 10 claw

Diesel 10 Means Trouble by Wilbert Awdry

Childs Response: My little cousin Slater loved the book. He thought it was cool when Diesel 10 chased everyone with his claw. He also like when Thomas got away from Diesel and then Diesel 10 fell into the barge.

Plot: The plot is where Diesel 10 wants to destroy steam engines. He hates steam engines. Thomas and friends wants to prove Diesel wrong. Thomas wants to prove to Diesel that not all steam engines are useless or bad. Thomas and friends go through a series of events to make Diesel 10 change his mind. All these events dont work. Diesel then while chasing falls off a bridge into a barge and floats away. Thomas saves the day.

Recommendation: I recommend this to an 8 or 9 year old boy because its kind of violent. They should love the book. I loved it and so did my little cousin. Boys who are in 3rd to 4th grade is the best.
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Thomas and Friends Cartoon - Thomas & the Magic Railroad - Diesel 10 ESCAPES the Sheds!!

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Diesel 10 once visited the Island of Sodor a long time ago, and caused trouble for the steam engines while he was there. During his visit, he found Lady , the engine responsible for keeping Sodor alive, and chased her, making her crash. Following the accident, Lady's caretaker, Burnett Stone , hid Lady in his workshop and tried to restore her, but failed to bring her back up to steam. Several years later, Diesel 10 came back to Sodor when the Fat Controller was on holiday, intending to destroy Lady forever. He was first seen by Thomas and Gordon when he raced past them at Killaban Station, and brought his two lapdogs, Splatter and Dodge , to the railway, who were present when he was scheming. He caused several problems for the steam engines, such as dumping sneezing powder around Tidmouth Sheds and later destroying the scaffolding that had been placed beside the shed. When Mr.

Diesel 10 is a villainous Diesel with a roof-top hydraulic grabber named "Pinchy". Diesel 10 is the master of mischief on Sodor. He likes trying to outwit the Steamies, often causing confusion and delay. When Diesel 10 is around Diesel 10 has a claw attached to his roof that he uses to lift scrap metal and debris.

In Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Diesel 10 was originally played by Australian much of their dialogue, including the name "Pinchy" for Diesel 10's claw.
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Diesel 10 returned many years later, intending to destroy Lady for good. Diesel 10 had very little success with his plans - Mr. By using special coal from Sodor, Burnett Stone was able to bring Lady back to life. Diesel 10 was determined to attack her, but lost the aid of Splatter and Dodge. Burnett, Lady, and Thomas found themselves being chased by Diesel 10 over an unsafe viaduct. The center of the viaduct collapsed, and while Thomas and Lady were able to cross safely, Diesel 10 was too large and fell into a passing barge below. How Diesel 10 got back to Sodor is a mystery.

He was the main antagonist in Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Thomas said that he is rated "10 out of 10 for devious deeds and brutal strength". When he first came to Sodor, he hated steam engines so much that he made a goal to get rid of them once and for all. He tried to destroy "Lady", the magic engine that brings a magic railway and the steam engines alive. Although this plan failed, he was able to crash Lady causing her to be severely damaged. Her caretaker, a man called Burnett Stone, brought her back to his workshop in Muffle Mountain where he spent many years trying to bring her back to life.

After convincing Thomas to go to the Dieselworks, Diesel 10 had Percy lead him and the other diesels to theSteamworks. When they arrived, Diesel 10 betrayed Percy and took over the Steamworks. He retained the comedic humour that could be seen in Thomas and the Magic Railroad; for example, when he rolls back into his shed, the doors close on him too early, leaving him stuck for a few seconds before he goes all the way back into the shed and the doors close completely. When Percy went to the Dieselworks to rescue Thomas, Percy saw that sparks from "Pinchy" had set the main shed ablaze. After saving Thomas and putting out the fire, Percy led the steam engines to the Steamworks. After a brief argument between the engines, the Fat Controller arrived. Percy told him that the diesels needed a new Dieselworks, so the Fat Controller had the steam engines and diesels work together to rebuild it.

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  1. Diesel 10 once visited the Island of Sodor a long time ago, and caused trouble for the Diesel 10, or simply Diesel, is an evil diesel engine with a semi-sentient roof-top, hydraulic claw, which he has named "Pinchy". Thomas & Friends.

  2. Diesel 10 has a claw attached to his roof that he uses to lift scrap metal and He later tricked Percy into thinking Thomas had leaved Sodor and had Percy.

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