Crc handbook of chemistry and physics

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crc handbook of chemistry and physics

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics by David R. Lide

The CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 88th Edition continues to offer the most authoritative, up-to-date data to scientists around the world. This edition contains NEW tables on Properties of Ionic Liquids, Solubilities of Hydrocarbons in Sea Water, Solubility of Organic Compounds in Superheated Water, and Nutritive Value of Foods. It also updates many tables including Critical Constants, Heats of Vaporization, Aqueous Solubility of Organic Compounds, Vapor Pressure of Mercury, Scientific Abbreviations and Symbols, and Bond Dissociation Energies. The 88th Edition also presents a new Foreword written by Dr. Harold Kroto, a 1996 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.
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CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

David R. This student edition features over 50 new or completely revised tables, most of which are in the areas of fluid properties and properties of solids. The book also features extensive references to other compilations and databases that contain additional information. Atomic Masses and Abundances Units for Magnetic Properties s Conversion of Temperatures Symbols and Terminology for Physical and Chemical Quantities.

Click Here to go to the Chemicals Search page. The search on this page works by searching the content of each page individually, much like any web search. We use metadata to avoid some of these issues by including certain keywords invisibly behind each table. Whilst this approach works well in many situations, like any web search it relies in the terms you have entered existing in the document with the same spelling, abbreviation etc. Since chemical compounds and their properties are immutable, a single centralised database has been created from all chemical compounds throughout HBCP. What's more, the properties can be searched numerically, including range searching, and you can even search by drawing a chemical structure.

Among a wealth of enhancements, this edition analyzes, updates, and validates molecular formulas and weights, boiling and melting points, densities, and refractive indexes in the Physical Constants of Organic Compounds Table through comparisons with critically evaluated data from the NIST Thermodynamics Research Center. The Handbook is also available as an eBook. During this associateship, he carried out an experimental program on the viscosity of cryogenic fluids. In he became a permanent staff member and was involved in research on measurements and correlations of the thermophysical properties of fluids and fluid mixtures of scientific and industrial interest. Mickey was responsible for the development of state-of-the-art apparatus for measurements of both transport and thermodynamic properties of fluids e. The apparatus were used for fluid thermophysical property measurements at low and high temperatures and at extreme pressures; and for the development of empirical and theoretical models for the prediction of fluid properties. In he assumed the position of Deputy Chief of the Thermophysics Division, which was reorganized and became the Physical and Chemical Properties Division in

Since the First Edition of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics appeared in , the size and scope have expanded in step with the growth of scientific.
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Remote access to Seneca Libraries' electronic resources is limited to current Seneca students, faculty, and staff. - As late as the — edition pages the Handbook contained myriad information for every branch of science and engineering. Later editions focus almost exclusively on chemistry and physics topics and eliminated much of the more "common" information.

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