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harry and paul question time

Harry Enfield and His Humorous Chums by Harry Enfield

Henry Richard Harry Enfield is a BAFTA winning English comedian, actor and writer and director. Enfield first came to public attention when appearing on Channel 4s Saturday Live as a number of different characters created with Paul Whitehouse. These quickly entered the national consciousness. Among these characters were Stavros, a Greek restaurant owner with markedly fractured English; and Loadsamoney, an obnoxious character who constantly boasted about how much money he earned. Loadsamoney spawned a hit single in 1988 and a sell-out live tour. As a foil to Loadsamoney Enfield and Whitehouse created the Geordie Bugger-All-Money and in 1988 Enfield appeared as both characters during the Nelson Mandela Birthday Tribute Concert at Wembley Stadium. In time Whitehouse and Enfield became disturbed that Loadsamoney was being seen in a positive light, rather than as a satirical figure, and they had him run over during a Comic Relief Red Nose Day show while leaving the studio after presenting host Lenny Henry with the biggest cheque of the night—a physically huge cheque for ten pence.

In 1989 Enfield realised a personal project, Norbert Smith - a Life, a spoof on British theatrical knights slumming in the film industry. He also provided voices for the British satirical puppet show Spitting Image.

In 1990 Enfield developed his BBC sketch show, Harry Enfields Television Programme, later called Harry Enfield and Chums, with Whitehouse and Kathy Burke. Eschewing the alternative comedy style prevalent at the time, both versions of the show were indebted to early 70s comedians such as Dick Emery and Morecambe and Wise. Enfield and his co-performers created another group of nationally recognised characters for these shows, such as Stan and Pam Herbert, who use the catchphrase We are considerably richer than you (in an exaggerated West-Midlands accent), Tim Nice-But-Dim, The Scousers, Smashie and Nicey, Wayne and Waynetta Slob, Annoying Kid Brother, who grew into Kevin the Teenager, and two old-fashioned BBC presenters, Mr Cholmondley-Warner and Grayson.

After a short break from television Enfield signed a new contract with BSkyB, but produced only one series, Harry Enfields Brand Spanking New Show. In 2002 Enfield returned to the BBC with Celeb, a new series based on the comic strip of the same title in Private Eye magazine, as the ageing rockstar Gary Bloke.

In 2000 Enfield appeared in his first leading film role playing Kevin alongside Kathy Burke, who played the characters (male) friend Perry—roles originally created for Enfields television series—in Kevin & Perry Go Large. The film charted the pairs attempt to become professional DJs by travelling to the nightclubs of Ibiza and pestering their idol, the DJ Eyeball Paul, played by Rhys Ifans, while gaining love and losing their virginity. Enfield also appeared as King George VI in Churchill: The Hollywood Years (2004), a satire on Hollywoods tendency to change elements of history.

In 2002 Enfield was the first guest on the revamped version of BBCs Top Gear and also appeared on the show on 23 November 2008. In 2007, he played Jim Stonem in the Channel 4 series Skins. He reprised this role in the second series in 2008, and the third series in 2009.

He appears often on mainstream television shows. His current comedy series Harry & Paul (originally titled Ruddy Hell! Its Harry & Paul) started in 2008.
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Question Time - Fiiiight!

Christian May: “The bankers the bonuses the bankers the bonuses”

The question is topical because last night the BBC broadcast two scenes of blacking up at the same time on different channels. Earlier, we saw Danny and his family watching telly in their Dudley home. And then the Black and White Minstrels came on. Smiles switched to open-mouthed disbelief. Much of the appeal of Danny and the Human Zoo was the light it cast on its writer, that outlier for black British entertainers, and the compromises he made as a naive teenager in this racist realm.

Sketch show. Featuring Victoria Wood. Browse content similar to Episode 1. Check below for episodes and series from the same categories and more! I wanted to grope her breasts. Have you seen his wife? But, from all of us here at the University of Tired, Sheffield, good night.

They parody around 50 different shows along the way.
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Absolutely not, according to Ms. Raphael on Feedback , emboldened to spout self-serving drivel about attaining the balance required by the remit. You really have to listen to her argument it to believe it. This is the BBC in action: a feeble denial that it can't find the talent required to deliver balance, followed by a vehement abrogation of responsibility for the failing of the talent she and her team are required by remit to deliver. BBC management writ large.

The BBC sketch show Harry and Paul captured the public mood towards this personification of corporate excess in their superb Question Time spoof , with this observation from an audience member:. Perhaps most damagingly, just 17 per cent of people trust those running banks to tell the truth — and this figure falls to 13 per cent for investment banks. A whopping 78 per cent of the public agree there is an unhealthy bonus culture at the banks. To this statistical realty we can add the damage done to an already battered reputation by the miss-selling of products such as Payment Protection Insurance and the general perception that the banks are out to screw us. The latest proposals from the FCA and PRA recommend putting in place a regime whereby bonuses would be deferred for longer, with greater possibility of some being clawed back if it emerges there has been management failure.

Prior to broadcast it was trailed as The Harry Enfield Show. The show reunites the pair, who had success with Harry Enfield's Television Programme in the s. This was the last series from the comedy producer Geoffrey Perkins who died shortly before the programme's second series began. The first series opening sequence is a parody of a skin care advertisement , and shows the two main female cast members Morwenna Banks and Laura Solon being given a pint of lager, before the footage speeds rapidly as the women have make-up removed, hair cut, given cigarettes and hamburgers, followed by noodles and more cigarettes. As the makeup and hair is removed, it is then clear that the two women were in fact Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse.

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