When was galen born and died

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when was galen born and died

The Prince of Medicine: Galen in the Roman Empire by Susan P. Mattern

Galen of Pergamum (A.D. 129 - ca. 216) began his remarkable career tending to wounded gladiators in provincial Asia Minor. Later in life he achieved great distinction as one of a small circle of court physicians to the family of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, at the very heart of Roman society. Susan Matterns The Prince of Medicine offers the first authoritative biography in English of this brilliant, audacious, and profoundly influential figure. Like many Greek intellectuals living in the high Roman Empire, Galen was a prodigious polymath, writing on subjects as varied as ethics and eczema, grammar and gout. Indeed, he was (as he claimed) as highly regarded in his lifetime for his philosophical works as for his medical treatises. However, it is for medicine that he is most remembered today, and from the later Roman Empire through the Renaissance, medical education was based largely on his works. Even up to the twentieth century, he remained the single most influential figure in Western medicine. Yet he was a complicated individual, full of breathtaking arrogance, shameless self- promotion, and lacerating wit. He was fiercely competitive, once disemboweling a live monkey and challenging the physicians in attendance to correctly replace its organs. Relentless in his pursuit of anything that would cure the patient, he insisted on rigorous observation and, sometimes, daring experimentation. Even confronting one of historys most horrific events- a devastating outbreak of smallpox-he persevered, bearing patient witness to its predations, year after year. The Prince of Medicine gives us Galen as he lived his life, in the city of Rome at its apex of power and decadence, among his friends, his rivals, and his patients. It offers a deeply human and long- overdue portrait of one of ancient historys most significant and engaging figures.
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Galen, Greek Galenos, Latin Galenus, (born ce, Pergamum, Mysia, Anatolia [ now Bergama, Turkey]—died c. ), Greek physician, writer, and philosopher.
Susan P. Mattern

Galen of Pergamon

His authority in the Byzantine world and the Muslim Middle East was similarly long-lived. The son of a wealthy architect, Galen was educated as a philosopher and man of letters. His hometown, Pergamum , was the site of a magnificent shrine of the healing god, Asclepius , that was visited by many distinguished figures of the Roman Empire for cures. When Galen was 16, he changed his career to that of medicine , which he studied at Pergamum, at Smyrna modern İzmir , Turkey , and finally at Alexandria in Egypt, which was the greatest medical centre of the ancient world. After more than a decade of study, he returned in ce to Pergamum, where he served as chief physician to the troop of gladiators maintained by the high priest of Asia.

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Dec 31, 0. The Greek physician, Claudius Galen, is considered to be one of the most important figures in the history of Medicine., Born Claudius Galenus in Pergamum, his contributions to the knowledge of medicine rank him second only to Hippocrates.

In earlier research four years were accepted as possible birth dates: , , , and After J. Walsh advocated the year , and the period around 22 September as the actual day of birth 3. Ilberg defended his own date, 4 and Walsh again established his case with weighty and well-grounded arguments in a detailed reply to Ilberg, 5 whose sudden death prevented his responding. Complete certainty cannot be achieved, but and are out of the question. As to his motivation, the supposed dream is surely to be understood merely symbolically.

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  1. Galen , Greek physician, anatomist, physiologist, philosopher, and lexicographer, was probably the most influential physician of all time.

  2. Aelius Galenus or Claudius Galenus often Anglicized as Galen and better known as Galen of Born in Pergamon (present-day Bergama, Turkey), Galen travelled extensively, exposing himself to a wide variety of medical theories and . Galen's father died in , leaving Galen independently wealthy at the age of

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