Why did jenni rivera and chiquis fight

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why did jenni rivera and chiquis fight

Forgiveness: A Memoir by Chiquis Rivera

I wrote this book not to dismiss a rumor but to share something much more important: my journey to forgiveness.

Chiquis Rivera is a singer and the daughter of the late music superstar Jenni Rivera. In Forgiveness, her memoir, Chiquis bravely reveals the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father during her childhood and the difficulties shes faced in her personal life as a result. Despite growing up marked by the wounds of abuse, she eventually conquered her fear of love andintimacy.

The story within these pages also recounts what caused the distance between her and her mother toward the end of Jennis life. In Forgiveness, Chiquis brings to light truths that she wishes she had been able to reveal to Jenni.

Two years after her mothers death, Chiquis answers the most difficult questions: Was she able to make peace with Jenni? And in this story of triumph and tragedy, who is most in need of forgiveness?
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Chiquis Rivera Reveals Sex Abuse at Hands of Father in 'Forgiveness'

Jenni Rivera's Daughter Breaks Her Silence On Alleged Romance With Stepfather (VIDEO)

I just heard Chiquis tell her very own version regarding her relationship with Esteban Loaiza and her mom Jenni Rivera's reaction and I still can't believe it! She definitely sounds like she's telling the truth, though I'm sure many will accuse her of being a liar. The relationship among the three of them was a lot more complicated than I thought. I'm still processing it all. According to Chiquis, her relationship with her mom Jenni Rivera was stormy.

In her new memoir, Forgiveness , out April 7 via Atria Books, budding banda singer Chiquis Rivera is telling all, including the reasons she and her mother, regional Mexican superstar Jenni Rivera, stopped speaking in October -- two months before Jenni died in a plane crash in Monterrey, Mexico.
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She is the eldest daughter of singer Jenni Rivera. She began her singing career in early , releasing her first single "Paloma Blanca" as a tribute to her mother. Rivera's debut album, Ahora , was released on June 2, On April 7, she released her memoir titled Forgiveness. She is the eldest of five children. On April 7, she released a memoir called Forgiveness , she revealed the reasons she and her mother, Jenni Rivera, stopped speaking in October

It was a misunderstanding. There were so many people filling her head with things. To this day, my mother, in her heart, thinks I had something with Esteban. Despite being very open with her personal life, Jenni did not discuss the reasons for her separation from Loaiza saying what she discovered was so serious that she could not talk about it and would go through with the divorce. At the same time the singer confirmed the feud with her daughter Chiquis, whom she threw out of her house and died without speaking to. The song carried a lot of meaning for her and Chiquis and its lyrics spoke of a feud and the hope of a reconciliation.

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  1. Jenni Rivera's tragic accident, her eldest daughter Chiquis opened up died believing her eldest daughter had an affair with her stepfather.

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