Crime and punishment part 5 chapter 1

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crime and punishment part 5 chapter 1

Dirty Talk Quotes (52 quotes)

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F. Dostoyevsky "Crime and Punishment" (Part 5 of 6, Chapter 1-5). Audiobook

Crime and Punishment Summary and Analysis of Part Five, Chapters 1-5

Luzhin has told his roommate, Andrei Semyonovich Lebezyatnikov, about the disastrous meeting with the Raskolnikovs. He is increasingly irritated by the loss, and decides that he was a fool not to give the ladies some money, because then they would have been more beholden to him and would not have thrown him off so easily. At Mrs. Lippewechsel's, Luzhin learns that he has been invited to the Marmeladovs' memorial meal, and that Rodya will be there as well. This gives him an idea. Lebezyatnikov, Luzhin's former ward, is a young progressivist, involved with a number of ideological groups whose names scare Luzhin. Because he fears the vague phenomenon of "exposure," he has tried to curry favor with Lebezyatnikov in order to protect himself.

All rights reserved. It's the morning after for Luzhin — the morning after getting dumped. His "vanity" positively aches.
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Which guides should we add? Request one! - The next morning in Luzhin's rooms, he still thinks of his unfortunate break with Dunya and his thoughts are interrupted by his roommate, Lebezyatnikov, who sees himself an advanced thinker.

Luzhin is in his room with Lebezyatnikov, a younger man who is his roommate. Luzhin now realizes that his engagement with Dunya is irrecoverably broken. He nurses a deep hatred for Raskolnikov, and shivers to think of the money that he lost on deposits for their newlywed home and furnishings. Meanwhile, he and Lebezyatnikov have been invited to the memorial dinner that Katerina Ivanovna, who lives in the same building, is holding for Marmeladov. Lebezyatnikov is a pompous fool, though Luzhin initially thought of him as a thoughtful young man who could help him navigate the new political waves of liberalism, radicalism, and nihilism washing over Russia.

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