Don and annas greenhouse hours

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don and annas greenhouse hours

The Greenhouse by Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir

For Lobbi, the tragic passing of his mother proves to be a profound catalyst. Their shared love of tending rare roses in her greenhouse inspires him to leave his studies behind and travel to a remote village monastery to restore its once fabulous gardens. While transforming the garden under the watchful eye of a cinephile monk, he is surprised by a visit from Anna, a friend of a friend with whom he shared a fateful moment in his mother’s greenhouse, and the daughter they together conceived that night. In caring for both the garden and the little girl, Lobbi slowly begins to assume the varied and complex roles of a man: fatherhood with a deep relationship with his child, cooking, nurturing, and remaining also a son, brother, lover, and…a gardener. A story about the heartfelt search for beauty in life, The Greenhouse is a touching reminder of our ability to turn the small things in everyday life into the extraordinary.
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Moving Tropicals Out Of The Greenhouse

Don and Anna's Greenhouses - 31 Ashnola Rd, Keremeos, British Columbia V0X 1N1 Our Summer hours are 10am - 3pm daily except we will be closed on.
Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir

Don & Anna's Greenhouses

Bartlett took the Review on a drive through her property just off Highway 3, west of Keremeos, a few-hundred feet from the iconic Red Bridge Tuesday morning. Where the greenhouses sit now, were tomato and potato fields. Several roads in the area were flooded as the Similkameen River spread to almost a kilometre wide. Flooding was widespread in Keremeos and Cawston. The greenhouses were heavily damaged in during an ice jam.

Our flowerbeds contain mature specimens of many of the plants we sell. We propagate from seeds and cuttings, and pot up throughout the season, so there is always something new available. As we do all of this ourselves, we sometimes have a short supply of some of the plants. Please call us at , or contact us by e-mail annasperennials gmail. We welcome visitors to walk through our gardens several times a season, as there is always something new in bloom. Cactus Pads.

Mighty Similkameen on flood watch

A driver would never know if they hit it. A snow plow went through and ripped it up on the other side a few winters ago. Adam Pearce, from Argo said a crew has been working on replacing the beams that hold the bridge up since November. The bridge has been held up with a hydraulic jack since early winter as the crew diligently worked to replace the huge beams. Work should wrap up on the bridge in the next couple weeks.

The couple have operated their greenhouse business since Don and Anna Bartlett have built their successful greenhouse business on welcoming change, overcoming challenges and providing excellent customer service. Gradually, other growers wanted to buy vegetable transplants from the Bartletts and neighbours began to ask for flowers. A major setback occurred on Jan. Anna estimates that currently bedding plants account for approximately 45 per cent of their overall business followed by ornamental trees and shrubs at 20 per cent.

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