Don t walk and text

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don t walk and text

Walk Away Quotes (39 quotes)

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Published 25.12.2018

Don't walk and text

10 reasons not to text and walk at the same time

As our children get older, they start to have more independence. Many of us parents give them a phone at this stage so we can communicate with them. With the phone comes responsibility to remain focused on the task at hand and to continue to make their arrival a safe arrival. To accomplish that, teach them no texting while walking. Multitasking is an art valued throughout the globe, but this highly-valued skill is built on a misconception.


Distracted driving has been a huge, often fatal, burden on society. Despite hefty fines and the constant reminders of the potential catastrophic consequences, many drivers still use their phones when behind the wheel. If for any reason, you need convincing or just want to get a little emotional, check out this powerful anti-distracted driving video. But I must say I was surprised to hear about the new law that has been passed in Honolulu: the Distracted Walking Law that prohibits looking at a cell phone while crossing the street. The fact that we live in a world where people need a deterrence from not watching where they are going, astounds me.

We all know texting and driving is a bad idea. But texting and walking may be worse. In other words, more people get hurt every year from texting and walking than from texting and driving. Texting and walking is bad. There are many reasons to not text and walk. For example: Bear attacks.


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  1. I had not realized how widespread this problem was until I did some research and found out that texting while walking is also a big issue in countries such as China and Germany.

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