Justice league and batman beyond

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justice league and batman beyond

Batman Beyond 2.0, Vol. 2: Justice Lords Beyond by Kyle Higgins

Contains the epic JUSTICE LORDS BEYOND crossover! Wonder Woman is back, but it seems like shes hiding something. Meanwhile, Batmans journey through the dystopian world of the Justice Lords takes an unexpected and deadly turn as he must face Lord Superman!  Can an exhausted Justice League and Terry McGinnis against this deadly foe?

Collects BATMAN BEYOND print issues #9-12.
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Published 25.12.2018

JUSTICE LEAGUE "green lantern & batman meets their son in future"

"The Call"

It is part of the Batman Beyond TV series. In Metropolis , a commuter monorail loses control and starts speeding down the wrong track, on a collision course with another. Micron boards the train and manages to uncouple the passenger cars and evacuate the engineer to safety. However, as soon as Micron tries to exit the train, a force field pops over the door, making it impossible for him to escape. In the ensuing crash, Micron is badly wounded. In Gotham City, Batman is chasing down Inque.


The Truth Revealed - Justice League Unlimited/Batman Beyond

Bred for battle on the hellish world of Apokolips, Big Barda became one of her world's greatest warriors and served as the leader of Darkseid's personal guard, the Female Furies. Eventually Barda found love, and fled Apokolips with her future husband, Mr. Barda has since made Earth her primary home and has served as member of the Justice League. She is the daughter of Big Breeda. He is a loyal warrior who follows without question. Rocketed to Earth as an infant from the doomed planet Krypton, Kal-El was adopted by the loving Kent family and raised in America's heartland as Clark Kent. Using his immense solar-fueled powers, he became Superman to defend mankind against all manner of threats while championing truth, justice and the American way!

DC has a fairly awesome track record with animated shows. Sure, some have been cancelled far too soon here's looking at you, Young Justice , Green Lantern TAS , and Beware the Batman , but they were at least enjoyable rides while they lasted. This week, instead of asking you to reflect on two runs by the same comic writer, we want you to dive back into two of DC's animated shows. We figured we should go big or go home with the first pairing, so we want you to compare two classics: Batman Beyond and Justice League Unlimited! Will you side with the story of future Gotham City or the adventures involving so many of the world's heroes and villains? No matter which one you ultimately decide to side with, I think most of us can agree they're both incredibly fun and entertaining shows. Seriously, if you haven't checked them out, you really should give them a chance at some point.

It is also the second season finale of Justice League Unlimited which tied together and continued some plot points from Batman Beyond. This episode focuses around Batman , revealing a dark secret. He confronts her and demands answers. She seems unsurprised to see him and insists on telling the story at her own pace. Months earlier, when Bruce Wayne also now very old was suffering kidney failure and needed a tissue donor to clone new organs, Terry was tested and found to be perfectly compatible. In his mind, Terry angrily confronts Bruce. Terry is at first angry, believing that Bruce masterminded the whole thing in order to ensure that he had a successor.

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