Gold and silver investment strategies

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gold and silver investment strategies

Rich Dads Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver: Everything You Need to Know to Profit from Precious Metals Now by Michael Maloney

Throughout the ages, many things have been used as currency: livestock, grains, spices, shells, beads, and now paper. But only two things have ever been money gold and silver. When paper money becomes too abundant, and thus loses its value, man always turns back to precious metals. During these times there is always an enormous wealth transfer, and it is within your power to transfer that wealth away from you or toward you. --Michael Maloney, precious metals investment expert and historian; founder and principal, Gold & Silver, Inc.
The Advanced Guide to Investing Gold and Silver tells readers:

The essential history of economic cycles that make gold and silver the ultimate monetary standard.
How the U.S. government is driving inflation by diluting our money supply and weakening our purchasing power
Why precious metals are one of the most profitable, easiest, and safest investments you can make
Where, when, and how to invest your money and realize maximum returns, no matter what the economys state
Essential advice on avoiding the middleman and taking control of your financial destiny by making your investments directly.
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How To Invest In Gold For Beginners

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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Precious Metals

Imagine yourself sitting in a stream swirling water in a pan, desperately hoping to see a small yellow glint of gold and dreaming of striking it rich. America has come a long way since the early s, but gold still holds a prominent place in our global economy today. Here's a comprehensive introduction to gold, from why it's valuable and how we obtain it to how to invest in it, the risks and benefits of each approach, and advice on where beginners should start. It was also hard to dig gold out of the ground -- and the more difficult something is to obtain, the higher it is valued. Over time, humans began using the precious metal as a way to facilitate trade and accumulate and store wealth.

Investing in gold and silver can be easy, fun and profitable. Anyone can learn how start buying gold and silver as a physical store of wealth. Because gold and .
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Why Zacks? Learn to Be a Better Investor. Forgot Password. The price of precious metals fluctuate, but their inclusion in your portfolio can be an effective hedge against a world awash in turmoil. Investors interested in procuring gold or silver or both to protect their wealth should consider the following topics: risks and benefits, asset allocation, investment vehicles, and tax advantages. One of the most important pieces of information to know about investing in gold and silver is that prices for both metals are consistently resilient. The potential for capital depreciation is minimal, but it does exist.

Buying physical gold or silver as an investment is not always as straightforward as it sounds. But the premium is only one part of the equation. Worse, there are unscrupulous dealers out there. You can invest in precious metals by buying the physical metal like bullion bars and bullion coins or through financial products such as gold exchange-traded funds ETFs. While investing in precious metals through ETFs sounds appealing due to its convenience, there are several key issues that investors need to be aware of in relation to this method of investment. You have no claim on the gold within the fund.

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  1. That's why my strategy for gold and silver investing is to hold a diverse mix of gold and silver ETFs as well as precious metal streaming/royalty companies.

  2. With uncertainty persisting in global markets it behooves investors to observe the old European maxim that “ one should always have just enough gold to bribe.

  3. Gold and is hopeful that investors will want to learn about gold and silver daily news, and most importantly our future Exit Strategy communications .

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