Tap dancing terms and steps

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tap dancing terms and steps

The Tap Dance Dictionary by Mark Knowles

The language of tap dancing is as rich and varied as that of any art, and different choreographers, teachers and performers often use totally different terms for exactly the same step. The various names of all steps and clear descriptions of them are collected for the first time in this reference work. The emphasis is on all variations of a name, from universally recognized terms to simple pet names that individual performers and choreographers have created, with extensive cross-references provided. Each of the steps is fully described, with appropriate counts, explanations and history. Many antique and unusual steps such as the Patting Juba, the Quack, and the Swanee Shuffle are included.
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How to do a Time Step in Tap Dancing - CBBC

Tap Dance glossary of terms. Back Flap: This is a step that brushes back, steps then drops the heel. Back-Front: Simply a ball change. Ball Beat: A basic.
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Tap dance technique

Illustrated tap dance steps are an easy way to add new moves to your repertoire. If you know any of the basics of tap dancing, learning by either drawn or taped examples is effective, inexpensive and convenient. It is possible to learn tap dance from a drawing. For instance, the dance resource site StreetSwing. The image shows and describes how to perform five basic tap steps. However, one of the best sources for illustrated tap dance steps is video. While a poster or chart can give you a general idea of the movements and rhythm required to perform a step, there's nothing quite like seeing the tap steps in action.

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Good dancers can make even the most complicated, strenuous techniques look effortless and fluid. Sometimes the sound effects are even more impressive; when done well, tap dance is a musical art form that creates its own rhythm. Do you want to train your own feet to create this unique mixture of motion and music? The following four tap dance steps are simple but essential elements of all tap choreography. The shuffle is one of the first tap dance steps you should learn.

In other words, it is performed as "ball (R) ball (L) heel (R) heel (L)" All tap dancing steps are a combination of simple.
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Tap dance makes frequent use of syncopation. Tap dance choreographies typically start on the eighth beat , or between the eighth and the first count. Tap was formed from other types of dancing, such as ballet, jazz and contemporary clogging. Hoofers are tap dancers who dance only with their feet, making a louder, more grounded sound. This kind of tap dancing is also called "rhythm tap". Another aspect of tap dancing is improvisation. This can either be done with music and follow the beats provided or without musical accompaniment, otherwise known as a cappella dancing.

Tap dancing is an exciting dance style that uses metal-plated shoes to create complicated clicking noises. No matter how old or young you are, you can become an amazing tap dancer with practice. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 9 references. Categories: Tap Dancing. Learn more Next, find some tap dancing shoes.


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  1. Tap dance instructiona videos & more. DOUBLE ANYTHING - find the root step and look below it (for double irish, find irish and look below it). DRAWBACK.

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