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fantastic 4 reed and sue

Fantastic Four: 1234 by Grant Morrison

Reed Richards. Sue Richards. Benjamin Grimm. Johnny Storm. They rocketed into outer space aboard an experimental starship, the first humans to attempt interstellar travel. But a freak encounter with cosmic radiation altered their lives forever, granting each amazing abilities.
Forty years later, the greatest team of adventurers ever assebled continues to push the bounds of human exploration—discovering parallel dimensions, lost civilizations and hidden nations; initiating contact with alien races; and repelling all manner of threats to mankind, both terrestrial and cosmic.
Now, Marvels first family finds its members divided—their unique powers stretched to the absolute limit, their time-tested resolve pushed to the point of breaking. Each chapter of this quintessential collection focuses on one member of the cosmic quartet, as the teams greatest foes band together in an all-out assault on the FF.

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Reed & Sue - Last thing on my mind

Casting the Disney-MCU FANTASTIC FOUR

And we're not weighing in with choices for Franklin and Valeria - yet. We're assuming it will be a matter of years before the FF makes it to the big screen, so kid actors now may age out of the roles in a realistic timeframe. Love our picks? Hate 'em? Weigh in with your fan casting choices on Facebook and Twitter.

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Franklin Benjamin Richards is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is usually depicted as a supporting character in Fantastic Four. He's generally portrayed as a child and as a budding super-hero, albeit inexperienced. Franklin is a mutant beyond Omega-Level [1] [2] with vast reality-manipulating and psionic powers. Franklin's first name comes from Franklin Storm , his maternal grandfather.

Family superhero teams are now fairly common in all types of media. We all know and love The Incredibles, and little girls looked up to and were thrilled by the Powerpuff Girls from the late 90s to the early 00s. But perhaps no family superhero team is as famous and beloved as The Fantastic Four — arguably the blueprint for such an assembly of super-powered individuals. The fourth member, Ben Grimm, is an old family friend, and has been for so long that he might as well be a Storm or Richards himself. The Four gained their powers through exposure to cosmic rays in space during a scientific mission.

The character is a founding member of the Fantastic Four and was the first female superhero created by Marvel during the Silver Age of Comics. Sue Storm received her powers by being exposed to a cosmic storm. She possesses two powers: invisibility and force fields. Her invisibility power deals with bending light waves and allows her to render herself and other objects invisible. She can also project powerful fields of invisible psionic, hyperspace-based energy that she uses for a variety of offensive and defensive effects, including shields, blasts, explosions, and levitation.

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