Jesus christ and 12 disciples

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jesus christ and 12 disciples

The Disciples of Jesus quiz: 10 questions by Emily R.

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10 AMAZING Facts about the 12 APOSTLES

In Christian theology and ecclesiology, apostles, particularly the Twelve Apostles were the primary disciples of Jesus according to the New Testament and the Qur' an. During the life and ministry of Jesus in the 1st century AD, the apostles were The period of early Christianity during the lifetimes of the apostles is called the .

Who Were the 12 Apostles?

The Gospel of Mark states that Jesus Christ initially sent out these twelve in pairs Mark , cf. Matthew , Luke , to towns in Galilee. According to the list occurring in each of the Synoptic Gospels Mark , Matthew , Luke , the Twelve chosen by Jesus near the beginning of his ministry, those whom also He named Apostles , were. It should also be noted that while the "Twelve Apostles" refer to the twelve who followed Jesus during his lifetime and later Matthias in place of Judas Iscariot , Paul formerly Saul of Tarsus can be considered as another apostle. Notably, he begins many of his epistles with "Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus", or some variant.

While Christian tradition often refers to the apostles as being twelve in number, different gospel writers give different names for the same individual, and apostles mentioned in one gospel are not mentioned in others. There is also an Eastern Christian tradition derived from the Gospel of Luke of there having been as many as 70 apostles during the time of Jesus' ministry. Paul is often referred to as an apostle, because he was directly taught and commissioned by a vision of Christ Acts —9 during his journey to Damascus. The commissioning of the Twelve Apostles during the ministry of Jesus is recorded in the Synoptic Gospels. After his purported resurrection , Jesus sent eleven of them minus Judas Iscariot , who by then had died by the Great Commission to spread his teachings to all nations. This event has been called the Dispersion of the Apostles. In modern usage, missionaries under Pentecostal movements often refer to themselves as apostles, a practice which stems from the Latin equivalent of apostle , i.

See Matthew and Luke It is evident, therefore, that God attaches great importance to these 12 men. As we study these courageous first-century lives, and what discipleship meant in the time of Jesus, we may expect to be aided in developing a Spirit-directed twenty-first-century discipleship as Christ must have meant it to be. The following biographical information about the 12 original disciples of Jesus uses the New Testament accounts along with the most respected legends and traditions. We do not mean to infer, that legend and tradition constitute historical fact. We do feel, however, that they do have value in the study of the lives of these men who "…turned the world upside down…". Simon Peter, son of Jonas, was a fisherman who lived in Bethsaida and Capernaum.

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Jesus Christ selected the 12 disciples from among his early followers to become his closest companions. After an intensive discipleship course and following his resurrection from the dead, the Lord fully commissioned the apostles Matthew , Mark to advance God's kingdom and carry the gospel message to the world. We find the names of the 12 disciples in Matthew , Mark , and Luke These men became the pioneering leaders of the New Testament church, but they were not without faults and shortcomings. Interestingly, not one of the chosen 12 disciples was a scholar or rabbi. They had no extraordinary skills.

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  1. The names of the twelve disciples of Jesus are Simon Peter, Andrew, James (the son of At the time of Christ, the common language was Greek and the family.

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