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mitchell and webb game show

This Mitchell and Webb Book by Robert Webb

Dive into the bizarre yet strangely familiar world of Mitchell and Webb – the wittiest men on television, or anywhere else.

From the two finest comedians of their generation comes the ultimate Christmas comedy book – lavishly illustrated in colour, containing all sorts of outrageous stuff that will have you laughing into the spring and beyond.

David Mitchell and Robert Webb have been hard at work cramming all the comic genius that marked their award-winning TV and radio shows into one very beautiful and very funny hardback book.

Ted the snooker commentators Hello Magazine photo shoot will be unveiled for the very first time, and expect guest appearances from Dr Jonathan Miller and CSIs David Caruso.

David and Rob have also unearthed Hitlers lost text messages and some notes Peter Mandelson left on his fridge. They will offer tips on surviving the credit crunch for all those that need them.

Expect a board game put together by Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar, a guide to the cheeses of Saudi Arabia, and news of the ever-expanding range of Mitchell and Webb products.

This Mitchell and Webb book will be supported by a frankly enormous marketing budget and stunning publicity everywhere. This will be the best comedy book for a long time, not least because David and Robert have put every page together themselves.
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That Mitchell and Webb Look - Nümberwang

That Mitchell and Webb Look

Sketch series starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb in various roles, from tramp-detectives to participants of impossibly difficult maths quizzes. Each episode features a range of sketches, some coming from recurring characters, others as stand alone one-offs. The double-act's comedy ranges from the satirical to the strange. Recurring sketches include Numberwang, a popular maths quiz which is almost impossible to play, and The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken-Ceaser in which a drunk tramp thinks he is fighting crime with his sidekick Ginger. Then there are Ted and Peter, two snooker commentators who are always looking at the more disturbing side of the game.

Participants on the show are often survivors "trying to enjoy themselves" whilst avoiding any traumatic memories of the Event; Peter, who was blinded by raiders after the Event, Sheila, who worships Tesco, and Unknown Male , who is suffering from shock. As most of civilisation had been destroyed by the Event, many of the questions asked either have lost answers, or have a "correct" answer that is completely wrong Rounds have included trivia, identifying "pre-Event" people from photographs, the Film Round where contestants must try to identify what happened next in a clip claimed to be the only surviving footage from before the Event , the Conveyor Belt Round a parody of the bonus game of the BBC game show The Generation Game , and Sudden Death, during which Unknown Male suddenly dies. As of Series Four, Unknown Male 's former place is wrapped in bubble wrap and biohazard tape; his spot was taken by a "professor", who was shot because he said he was "infected". In the penultimate sketch, the broadcast ended prematurely, after an unknown contestant turned out to be one of "them" a zombie-like race of mutants , and proceeded to eat Sheila, followed by a swarm of "them" invading the studio. In the presumably final sketch of the quiz broadcast, it is revealed that all of "Them" died suddenly, leaving Peter and the host as the only survivors. The sketch ends on a sombre note as the host suggests that he and Peter "stand together", holding hands in silence as the transmission cuts out as time suddenly accelerates to the year trillion just as the universe suddenly disappears from existence and a new one takes its place where time is permanently frozen on new years eve

After the success of Peep Show, the dynamic duo have turned their comic attention to the good old comedy sketch show. Like a couple of school kids allowed to stay up past their bed times, the duo happily set to work parodying everyone from Nazis who start to wonder if they might be possibly be the bad guys through to an incompetent doctor on a busy ward beware anyone who tries to save your life by extending your "life line" with a biro. Sarcasm drips from every orifice of their bodies thankfully not literally as they give a not particularly subtle nod to all of the glasses-wearing hipsters in the know. We're even treated to a distorted view of the behind-the-scenes action of the show through the cleverly knowing and postmodern in-betweeny bits with Mitchell and Webb sitting around bickering about punchlines and sketch set ups. Clearly the Oxbridge education hasn't gone to waste, there. As with their comedy sketch show predecessors, the show started out on the radio, before getting the nod from the Beeb to extend it to the telly box. Showcasing their very best poncey, goofy and downright weird characters, That Mitchell and Webb Look certainly looks like it'll be sticking around, bucking the trend of many a sketch show before them by reaching an admirable fourth series — albeit with a pointed sketch about critics thinking they've had a few misses along the way note to self, never anger a comedian.

That Mitchell and Webb Look is a British sketch comedy television show starring David Mitchell Numberwang: A "maths quiz" game show in which two contestants, Simon and Julie (Paterson Joseph and Olivia Colman), call out numbers until.
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It was produced by Gareth Edwards. The first two series were directed by David Kerr , and the third and fourth series were directed by Ben Gosling Fuller. Many of its characters and sketches were first featured in the duo's radio show That Mitchell and Webb Sound. First aired on 14 September , [3] a second series was commissioned later that same year [4] and shown between 21 February and 27 March That Mitchell and Webb Look includes many recurring sketches, or sketches with recurring themes, including:. The show's producer Gareth Edwards commented that the show's pitch to the BBC "was the shortest pitch I've ever written", citing that the show "has worked on the radio, just like Little Britain worked on the radio and Dead Ringers worked on the radio, and they transferred successfully to TV, so why don't you [the BBC] transfer this one to TV as well?

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