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riverdale betty and veronica comic

Betty & Veronica: Girls Rule! by Archie Comics

I grew up with Archie Andrews and friends. Thanks to garage sales and grocery store checkout lines, I read many of the adventures of the students at Riverdale High. You can imagine my disappointment when a recent television series took a universe of characters I was raised with and butchered it.

Despite the franchises recent turn for the worse, Im still a fan of the old-school comics. So, youd probably expect that Id enjoy this...and, for the most part, I did. Theyre the usual cute and humorous stories I grew up reading, and theres even a Sabrina story for good measure.

However, the one issue I had was with The Battle of the Jitterbugs. Ive read older comics before, but the character designs in that chapter were hideous; Ive never seen Betty and Veronica look that ugly. Other than that, I enjoyed this collection.
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Betty and Veronica also known as Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica was an ongoing comic book series published by Archie Comics focusing on "best friends and worst enemies" Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. Betty first appeared in Pep Comics 22 while Veronica made her debut a few months later, in Pep Comics 26, as an immediate rival to Betty for Archie's affections. Together the pair form the female part of the classic love triangle which has become a staple of the comic series since Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica was first published on March and ran for issues before ending in April The run additionally included eight annual publications published from to This volume ended in late with issues overall issues if you count volume one.

Who didn't love to curl up with a comic book and vicariously live through Archie and the gang on their wholesome, peppy adventures? The milkshakes, the dances, the poodle skirts. Yes, please! The main source of conflict, obviously, is the love triangle between Archie, Betty, and Veronica. Who does the poor lad choose?

Yet one is distinctly about the new Riverdale show, while the other is definitely set in the more modern world of Archie, blending the originals with a more updated vibe.
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Welcome to Riverdale Part 3 - Archie Motion Comics #3

Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper is portrayed as a nice, beautiful, smart, sweet, tomboyish and funny girl with blonde hair. Her eyes are typically described as blue, but are only drawn as such in later years and during close-up shots of her face; at all other times, her eyes are simply drawn with black ink. The quintessential year-old girl next door, Betty's middle class upbringing is a world apart from the flashy lifestyle of her wealthy friend and rival, Veronica Lodge. Nowhere is this more evident than when she and Veronica are competing for Archie Andrews ' heart, and yet they remain best friends Veronica once told Archie that she and Betty are only rivals in unimportant matters In the late s, the two girls joined Archie's band, a garage band appropriately named The Archies.

Betty Cooper is a student at Riverdale High. She lives next door to Archie Andrews New Riverdale. Her hobbies include automotive repair and social activism. She and Archie Andrews became a couple in kindergarten. During high school, Betty got a feminine makeover at the suggestion of some friends. Archie disliked that she had changed; the two fought the "lipstick incident" and broke up. After the break-up, Betty tried to ignore Archie's new relationship with Veronica Lodge.

If you thought Riverdale was crazy, get ready for some of these comics that include Betty and Veronica starting their own girl gang and jumping into some of your favorite storybook series. What is the one thing that can tear Betty and Veronica apart? Nope, it's not Archie. Is there any way to fix their friendship? You'll have to find out. Your favorite version of Betty and Veronica come alive in this comic book series which is perfect if you don't want to binge watch the series again. Veronica Lodge is a vampire in this super creepy and dark series.

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