Joan and melissa season 2 episode 5

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joan and melissa season 2 episode 5

Melissa Explains It All: Tales from My Abnormally Normal Life by Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart explained it all-from dating to bullies-in her groundbreaking role as Clarissa Darling on Clarissa Explains It All. She cast a spell on millions more viewers as Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Now, in Melissa Explains It All, Melissa tells the frank and funny behind-the-scenes stories from her extraordinary past and her refreshingly normal present.

Melissa has been entertaining audiences most of her life; when there were no girls named Melissa on her favorite show, the forceful four year old decided shed get on television her way. From that moment on, Melissa has shown a singular determination and focus-whether its for booking three national commercials so her dad would build her a tree house or for nailing the audition for Clarissa.

From her first commercial to her current starring role in ABC Familys hit Melissa and Joey, Hart never let fame go to her head. She always had one foot in Hollywood and one foot in reality-and still does. Melissa makes us laugh along with her as she talks about:

--guest appearances in shows like Saturday Night Live and The Equalizer
--auditioning for Punky Brewster and Clarissa
--her early Broadway days
--wacky parties shes thrown and attended
-- the actors who influenced her and whom she befriended, worked with and competed against
--her experiences both on and off-set-with Sabrinas Salem the Cat and Elvis the Alligator on Clarissa
--how she met the love of her life at the Kentucky Derby

Melissa Joan Hart explains all that shes learned along the way-whats kept her grounded, normal and working when others have not been so fortunate-and that shes the approachable, hilarious girl-next-door her fans have always thought shed be.
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Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best? - Seas. 3 - Ep. 1 I Kissed a Girl 1/3

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If you thought Joan couldn't be any busier than last season, guess again! This season, Joan, who is still living in Melissa's L. Starting With Me; host of a national TV fashion series; a SRO comedy act that has her traveling all across the country; and a recent comedy tour that takes Joan and Melissa across the pond for an unforgettable British invasion. Melissa's ex-husband, John, stays at her house for the first time since their divorce. Joan kisses a new female friend after a night out.

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Was it emotional on set? They came back and did it later. I always wanted to do one where we camped in the backyard. My sisters went to school in Malibu and they did this thing where they had to carry around their trash for a week. I wanted to see Ryder have to carry his trash around for a week, dragging it through the house, and having to collect it. It was a really funny episode, but they pulled it. How does Mel rank with the other long-standing characters you've played?

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