David minns and freddie mercury

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david minns and freddie mercury

THIS WAS THE REAL LIFE: The Tale of Freddie Mercury by David Evans


I thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories of all Freddie’s friends, some true, some faded over time. What an extraordinary life he led. Sorry it ended all too soon. The memories they all shared were touching, both before and after his death. What touched me was how kind, compassionate, and shy Freddie was. I loved the Freddie on stages, how could you not? But the Freddie off stage, the one who loved his cats, sing along around the piano, a friend to enjoy a cup tea and receiving great advice from is the Freddie I most would loved to have known. Thanks for the journey.
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Recent information on Freddie Mercury's and Jim Hutton's relationship ♥

The Complicated Nature of Freddie Mercury's Sexuality

Posted: 22 Mar 11, You made us laugh, you made us cry, you made us feel like we could fly! Posted: 23 Mar 11, Posted: 11 Nov 17, Posted: 12 Nov 17, Posted: 13 Nov 17, Posted: 06 Sep 18,

From this point on Queen would be impossible to ignore. Everything about them the anthems, the videos, the stadium tours, the rock-star lifestyles would be consummated on a scale devoted to pushing the needle into the red. Understatement was anathema. Mercury, in particular, managed to hone his personal style so it embraced both absolute conviction and a heightened sense of his own absurdity. This enabled him to turn a negative criticism to his own advantage. Our songs are like Bic razors. Designed for mass consumption and instantly disposable.

Biopic demonstrates Queen members’ control over the singer’s legacy and memory

The way I see it, if it was about her… I think he wrote about how he would feel if she wanted nothing to do with him after he came out to her. You know what I mean?

I get asked this a lot. So I wrote an essay and made a page, that will be edited from time to time as I find out more stuff. Queen went on tour and when he returned, they started seeing each other at some point that summer. There are photos of David in the studio during the recording of A Night at the Opera! So…he was still with Mary at that point. So how can Love of My Life be about Mary? Look at the lyrics.

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  1. A card from Freddie Mercury to David Minns, "My dearest, I'm sorry about last night but that's because I'm a dreadful tart! - Love you with all my heart - Kisses.

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