June and jennifer gibbons interview

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june and jennifer gibbons interview

Pepsi Cola Addict by June Alison Gibbons

A self-published novel by June Alison Gibbons, one of the Silent Twins. Preston Wildey-King, 14, lives in Malibu with his widowed mother and sister. He is literally addicted to Pepsi, to the point that all his thoughts and fantasies are focused on it. When hes not drinking it hes dreaming about it, even creating art and poetry based on it. It amounts to his religion (Preston could have written Breathtaking Design Strategy, the 2009 corporate document elevating Pepsi and its logo to metaphysical glory). He is deeply in love with Peggy, but she dumps him after an argument over his Pepsi habit. His friend Ryan is bisexual and desires him. His math tutor seduces him, and when hes sent to juvie after robbing a convenience store (mesmerized by a crate of Pepsi, of course, he sits down and drinks some instead of running) hes molested by a guard. Prestons choices and misfortunes are chronicled with that distinctive Gibbons flair, full of elegant metaphors, quirky slang and over- and undercurrents of emotion that take on a life of their own. Good luck finding it. Only five libraries are known to have it, but apparently bootleg copies exist.
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The Gruesome Case of the Papin Sisters

Twins are just one of those phenomena that the horror genre loves — they appear in innumerable horror movies and novels because the thought of two people functioning as one unit tends to weird people out.
June Alison Gibbons

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By Claudia Joseph for MailOnline. They were the identical sisters who made a childhood pact to cut themselves off from the outside world and only talk to each other. Known as the Silent Twins, June and Jennifer Gibbons devised a secret language which set them apart from friends, family, teachers and classmates. It was a relationship that brought them to the depths of despair — they loved and loathed each other with equal passion — and eventually proved their downfall. Silent Twins and a deadly pact: June Gibbons, pictured above, was locked in a bizarre and secret world with her sister Jennifer, with the two girls refusing to speak to anyone apart from each other.

The following corrections was printed in the Guardian's Corrections and clarifications column, Monday July 2 Broadmoor was mistakenly described as a prison at one point in the article below. It is a hospital, more particularly a secure psychiatric hospital, as an earlier description in the article made clear. On June 20 , Jennifer and June Gibbons, troubled teenage twins, British-born of Barbadian parentage, each began what were to become year sentences for petty theft and arson at Broadmoor, the secure psychiatric hospital in Berkshire. They were prolific diary-keepers.

June and Jennifer Gibbons, known as "The Silent Twins," have been a source of curiosity ever since their bizarre story made headlines in the '80s and '90s. While twins are often very close, June and Jennifer took their twin bond to a whole new level. Born in , the girls were originally from Barbados but relocated to the United Kingdom. Then, for seemingly no reason, Jennifer did just that. Due to their volatile relationship, some believe June had something to do with Jennifer's death while others think that Jennifer somehow took her own life. In , British investigative journalists Marjorie Wallace released the true crime biography The Silent Twins , detailing the strange and powerful relationship between the girls.

They became known as "The Silent Twins" since they only communicated with each other.
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  1. June Gibbons (born 11 April ) and Jennifer Gibbons (11 April – 9 March ) were . After Jennifer's death, June gave interviews with Harper's Bazaar and The Guardian. By , she was living quietly and independently, near her.

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