Portugal trivia questions and answers

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portugal trivia questions and answers

10,000+ Random Trivia Questions and Answers for Fun and Entertainment by Matthew Sampson

1. Superman works for the Daily Planet, but who works for the Daily Bugle?
2. Portugal has had six Kings with what first name?
3. Clark Gable used to do it four or more times a day, but do what?
4. What is Americas Wal-Mart trading name in the UK?
5. Emerald is the birth stone for which month?
6. What rock band started in Georgia, 1980, with Michael Stipe, Peter Buck, Mike Mills and Bill Berry?
7. Who is Homer Simpsons brother?
8. In Quentin Tarantino´s hit film Reservoir Dogs, what were the colors used in place of names of characters?
9. What is the largest fresh water lake in North America?
10. Apart from drinks what used to be stored in pub cellars?

Here are just ten of the 10,000+ questions in this book full of fun and entertainment. Perfect for family and friends on a long drive or after dinner. The book is broken down into 100 questions and answers per quiz.

The answers to the above are:

1. Spider-man (a.k.a. Peter Parker)
2. Portugal had six King Johns
3. Clark Gable used to shower four times a day
4. Asda
5. May
6. R.E.M.
7. Herb Powell
8. Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen), Mr. Blue (Eddie Bunker), Mr. Brown (Quentin Tarantino), Mr. Orange (Tim Roth), Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi), Mr. White (Harvey Keitel)
9. Lake Superior
10. Corpses - it was a cold place

Did you know this random trivia? There are thousands more in this book that will entertain you and your family, its great for quiz nights too.
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