Intro to php and mysql

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intro to php and mysql

Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Websites by Robin Nixon

If you know HTML, this guide will have you building interactive websites quickly. Youll learn how to create responsive, data-driven websites with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript, regardless of whether you already know how to program. Discover how the powerful combination of PHP and MySQL provides an easy way to build modern websites complete with dynamic data and user interaction. Youll also learn how to add JavaScript to create rich Internet applications and websites.

Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript explains each technology separately, shows you how to combine them, and introduces valuable web programming concepts, including objects, XHTML, cookies, and session management. Youll practice what youve learned with review questions in each chapter, and find a sample social networking platform built with the elements introduced in this book.

This book will help you:

-Understand PHP essentials and the basics of object-oriented programming
-Master MySQL, from database structure to complex queries
-Create web pages with PHP and MySQL by integrating forms and other HTML features
-Learn about JavaScript, from functions and event handling to accessing the Document Object Model
-Use libraries and packages, including the Smarty web template system, PEAR program repository, and the Yahoo! User Interface Library
-Make Ajax calls and turn your website into a highly dynamic environment
-Upload and manipulate files and images, validate user input, and secure your applications
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36: How to connect to a database in PHP - PHP tutorial - Learn PHP programming

A quick example of a CRUD application would be a database of employees for a company. From the control panel, an admin would be about to add a new employee create , view a list of employees read , change an employee's salary update or remove a fired employee from the system delete. In this lesson, we'll only be creating and reading entries, but if it proves popular I'll make a part two.
Robin Nixon

PHP MySQL Tutorial

When you first installed XAMPP, it only created the username for it to be accessed, you now have to add a password to it by yourself. For this, you have to go to User account where the user is the same as the one shown in this picture:. Now click Edit privileges and go to Change Admin password, type your password there and save it. Remember this password as it will be used to connect to your Database. Note: It is not necessary to change password to access databases on local host.

I have been sharing a lot of free resources in the past starting from Java , Spring , Eclipse , Maven , Linux , and several other key technologies important for programmers and web developers, so when a request comes to me for suggesting some free courses and books learn PHP and MySQL, I thought of this article.
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Talking to MySQL Databases with SQL

What is MySQL? It is the most popular database system used with PHP. Explanation : We can create an instance of the mysqli class providing all the necessary details required to establish the connection such as host, username, password etc. If the instance is created successfully then the connection is successful otherwise there is some error in establishing connection. This function takes the information as arguments such as host, username , password , database name etc. Explanation: The exception class in PDO is used to handle any problems that may occur in our database queries.

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