Funniest calvin and hobbes strips

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funniest calvin and hobbes strips

Calvin and Hobbes (Calvin and Hobbes #1) by Bill Watterson

Strip after strip after strip.

Some books just win you over.

I too sleep with the baseball bat beside my bed to kill the monster lurking down it.

I wonder I still may not be old enough to not start doing this poll manipulation thing with my dad either.

I do not want my wife to have such a kid in the house. I want to be that kid rather.
We might consider a tiger instead.

With characters sketched up as well as these, you will be going out of your way not to give this one a 5 star.

Wonderful and addictive.

Did I say 5 stars already? Make that 5 stars plus one more for the timelessness captured.
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Calvin and Hobbes: My Favorite Strips

Back when I was a wee lad and took piano lessons, my piano teacher had a stack of books for students to read while they waited for their siblings to finish their lessons. Among the stack of books included were multiple "Calvin and Hobbes" collections. The comic strip, written by Bill Watterson, debuted in and ran till
Bill Watterson

Here Are 28 Profound Life Lessons We Learnt From Calvin & Hobbes

The profound impact that Hobbes had on Calvin is depicted in many strips, Calvin often quoted that he loved being amidst furry friends over and above humans. Hats off to Mr. Bill Watterson! Though frequently depicted in the strip as a selfish kid, Calvin does exhibit a deep caring for fauna and flora. He often remarks on the pettiness of humans and envies the quiet dignity of animal life.

This will not post anything on Facebook or anywhere else. The heart-warming friendship shared between a little boy and his stuffed tiger, and the narrative Bill Watterson built around the two of them, makes Calvin and Hobbes one of the most iconic comic strips that the world has been graced with. The realistic rendering of a boy's imagination, his struggles with growing up and his exchanges with his best friend, a stuffed toy, makes for an experience that is nothing short of profound. We'd like to show you notifications for the latest news and updates. You can manage them any time from your browser settings. No Thanks Allow. Thank you for Subscribing to ScoopWhoop Notification.

Calvin and Hobbes , revered by many as the last great newspaper comic strip, has a rich and interesting history. There was a time when newspaper comics could be counted upon to be funny, informative, witty, and so much more. Familiar, unforgettable characters like Charlie Brown, Garfield, and, of course, Calvin and Hobbes all reliably played out regular short stories that provided reliable humor and even insight in the pages of the paper. Nowadays, comic strips don't quite have the same luster. Bill Watterson wrote and illustrated Calvin and Hobbes from to The imaginative world of Calvin and Hobbes has inspired generations of fans young, but not everyone knows all of the Calvin and Hobbes history.

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Calvin is named for a sixteenth-century theologian who believed in predestination. Most people assume that Calvin is based on a son of mine, or based on detailed memories of my own childhood. Calvin is autobiographical in the sense that he thinks about the same issues that I do, but in this, Calvin reflects my adulthood more than my childhood. I suspect that most of us get old without growing up, and that inside every adult sometimes not very far inside is a bratty kid who wants everything his own way. I use Calvin as an outlet for my immaturity, as a way to keep myself curious about the natural world, as a way to ridicule my own obsessions, and as a way to comment on human nature.


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  1. Below we have showcased, in no particular order, some of our favorite Calvin and Hobbes strips of all time. If you love them as much as we do.

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